Thursday, 10 August 2017

Bag of lovelies

A whole night's sleep and Smallest got to sleep in record time. Wahooo.

Today's forecast was cloudy all day but warm. Although there was cloud, it was a very hot day. After breakfast, Huffle walked to the lake to check how calm it was. It was very calm so we loaded up the kayaks again, made egg baguette for lunch and packed a few essentials in a bag. On the way to the beach, our trailer broke and Huffle and Small struggled to get everything to the lake edge but we did it in the end and set off on our adventure for the day. I think we started out around 10:30/11am.

This time we went right and along the shoreline towards the lighthouse but stopped before we got there for a cooling swim and a drink. The water was lovely and we all swam (well Huffle doesn't really swim but he did get his shoulders in).

Back in the kayaks again and we went past the lighthouse. Here's an observation. There are only two types of lighthouse in this area, square ones or pointy white ones with red top. Just saying! We paddled down the river which was not as easy as the calm lake but we could see that the water was going with us so we knew it would be harder coming back. Huffle made the decision to stop at a place where small boats docked and they had toilets and picnic tables. We ate our stinky egg there and watched the boats coming and going. It seems it's been a busy day for boating of all kinds today.

Paddling back down the river was harder and very Canadian looking as the river was lined with tall evergreen trees with a few houses here and there. As we neared the lighthouse it got wavier and rougher and although I wanted to stop on the other side of the lighthouse, we made the decision to go back to the place where we swam on the way in.

Again it was lovely and cooling and we sat on the beach for a while relaxing. We paddled along the shore back to where we started and spent the rest of the day on the beach.

We did take the kayaks back but also swam, played catch, found stones and beach glass and read. We had a few trips back to get chairs and drinks but mainly we sat there enjoying the rest of the day.

Huffle and Small went and brought back pizza (and a secret beer for me) and we ate it while the sun went down. Smallest and I climbed rocks, swam and I read his book to him. He was so very calm and warm, he nearly fell asleep.

We did a lot of people watching whilst eating pizza. There was a heavily pregnant woman having her photos taken. She wore three diffferent dresses and got in the lake and got the big dresses wet. She also sat on top of a big rock. She looked like a mermaid! A woman brought her baby to the beach dressed in new clean PJ's and he ran straight into the lake.


Cottage, showers, TV and bed. Fabulous day.


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