Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Noisy Family Stop Play

No parties last night and only the loud voices of next door were keeping Smallest awake. We counteracted the speaking with Kasabian and before we knew it, he was fast asleep. Small went to bed too late last night and was yawning all day today. Huffle and I slept well until he woke up too hot and opened the window to find the breeze made a knocking sound and had to shut it. I apparently was running in my sleep and my feet were scuffling against the bed sheets and scruffling them away from Huffle.

Today was a bright sunny day with temperatures around 28*. We had a late breakfast of toasted waffles with fruit and maple syrup/Nutella. Nice. Smallest wanted to know why I didn't make them as usual and apart from the obvious, I'm on holiday, I didn't bring the waffle iron with me, silly Mummy!!!!! Before we went to the beach we had several games of Table Tennis waiting for the bathroom to become free, where Smallest beat us all and Huffle beat me.

We spent the day from late morning to late afternoon on the beach. We chose right of Beach No1 today which was a good choice as there were just a smattering of people on there. The water was cold and a bit weedy in some parts but it didn't stop the kids going in. I even ventured in for a late afternoon swim but unfortunately jabbed my toe against a big rock and now I'm paying for it! Talking of toes, Small's is healing nicely, so just a sprain then phew! However he did cut his other toe today whilst in the lake but that is healing now.

There was a lot of cricket played first thing, followed by Jackers, catch, French Cricket, water catch and some sand castle building. We also did an awful lot of reading and a couple of games of Beano Top Trumps.

Smallest and I came back to make lunch and we ate warm toasted bagels on the beach. Smallest and I came back first later too and had our showers and the other two came back in time for a cup of tea and showers.

There was some IPad time while Huffle searched for a dinner place for us and we drove to Port Elgin again and ate at a place called Chesters which didn't look 'all that!' but was very nice. We had a game and a half of Monopoly Deal plus various things to watch on TV while we waited.

Afterwards we drove to the harbour and walked off some of our dinner, watched silly people trying to avoid the waves on the harbour wall. Huffle was very interested in watching to see if anyone got wet.

We went for ice cream and ended up with ice cream milkshakes which we really shouldn't have had (well Smallest and I shouldn't have because we thought that we might pop!). We didn't want to stay for the sunset because we wanted to get back for bedtime but the sky was lovely anyway.

Tonight we learned that Smallest's football team played against OldCoach's sons team and they Smallest's team) lost 6-0 also the ref didn't turn up again!

Good day.



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