Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Sorry? There's no banana in my banana sandwich!

Everyone's sleep was interrupted. Huffle's and mine at 1am because of a stinky smelly skunk. Smallest's because Huffle was snoring at 5am and Small because of the rain sometime around 5am too.

It had rained through the night and we left towels out to dry. Luckily it was a beautifully hot sunny day and the towels dried anyway. Everyone got up late and breakfast was cobbled together and eaten before table tennis started.

Then it was off to Beach No1 which was empty bar two small families. Of course as the day went on we soon had plenty of people around us, including two ladies who yabber jabbered all day (Small was not pleased as it interfered with his reading) and the lady who sat with her feet almost on our blanket.

Today's activities were catching in the water, Jackers, cards, sandcastle building and Canada's Got Stones. Smallest decided to try his hand at boogie boarding. He borrowed one of the boards at the cottage and just got on with it. Later some bigger boys came along and were doing it properly so he picked up a few tips. He did really well and only fell a few times BUMP. He would like one of his own now.

At lunchtime Small and I went and made sandwiches and brought them back to the beach to eat. Mid afternoon, we left the beach camp and all of us walked along the boardwalk to the ice cream shop. Today's flavours were Gold Medal Ribbon, Black Raspberry Thunder, Lemon and Lime Sherbet and Salted Caramel Truffles. We sat outside the shop on a bench, fought off a lone wasp and watched the passers-by.

The water was very sparkly today

We walked back to the beach via the road so Huffle could read the menus of a couple of places for later. He booked a table for us at TheForge&Thistle. More swimming (Smallest was seen swimming to America no we hoped he would bring some Boston Cream Donuts in a waterproof bag), catching and reading and then we went back for showers, table tennis and finally went out for dinner.

We had a lovely meal in a 'wee pub' and as Smallest ordered a pie we had to wait for it to be made and got two games of Monopoly Deal played. It was worth the wait, the food was very good.

Our walk back included picking up a treat for later or tomorrow, walking the boardwalk and seeing the nearly sunset.

Lovely day. I think we are going kayaking again tomorrow.


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