Saturday, 5 August 2017

Side Return

Hurray Holiday time.

We didn't actually leave the house until 11am due to the fact we got up late and by the time we packed the car, time was getting on. The journey was due to take us 3.25 hours but we ended up driving the rural route which was really nice. The highways are obvisouly much quicker but there is nothing to see and for Huffle it's not a nice drive. Most of the time we were really high up and the view was spectacular. The boys played on their tablets or read while Huffle drove and we stopped off for lunch at Flesherton. The pizza and grill was too busy and not enough seating and when we stepped out of the car it was quite cool so we ended up in a cafe and had Grilled Cheese and the boys all had hot chocolate. It filled a hole and enabled us to get on our way.

We arrived at the cottage at 3:30pm. A nice little place with two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and day bed, open plan and bathroom and then a fold down ladder to an upstairs with low low ceilings and two bedrooms. Smallest's decided he would sleep upstairs but after watching him climb up and down the ladder, I made the decision to make him sleep on the day bed. Thinking of him trying to climb down a ladder in the middle of the night to go to the toilet was not worth the worry, especially as he is THE most clumsiest member of our family. He reluctantly agreed.

The beach was just minutes away on foot and we could hear the waves. It was very rough and as we approached we could hear someone shouting Help! Someone had got into trouble swimming but luckily there were plenty of people to help him. It was very strong and the waves very high. The boys had their swimming stuff on but there was no way they were going in. We stayed at the scene long enough to check all was well and then meandered along the board walk to the Main Street and Huffle persuaded us to have a Gelato. A new shop that opened just a month ago (they must have heard we were coming) with a Father who came from Staffirdshire. Today's flavours were Lemon and Basil, Dark Chocolate, Baccio and Toffee Cappucino. Very nice. We sat on the benches with our Gelato watching the lake.

Walking back along the beach this time, we kicked off our shoes and paddled a little bit (well Huffle didn't) and the boys went in a little bit too much. Smallest ended up with a wave taking him by surprise and almost going over his head (he was only just at the edge of the water too) and his top got soaked through. I persuaded him to take it off as he was shivering. Since he was a tiny bear we have always told him that people who wear no tops are Hillbillies and even now he is uncomfortable without a top but he was happy to be less cold for a while. Not long after that incident he nearly lost his shoes in the water. Just as we were leaving the beach and he was cleaning his feet, he put his shoes down and the water almost carried them off again. OMG what a silly Hillbilly!

Back to the cottage where we met the owners who live next door. We were told all about the canoes and kayaks and where to take them, how to get the outdoor table tennis functioning, where to eat and several other useful bits of info. The boys watched TV for a while and we unpacked and looked for food ideas for later.

We came here five years ago and remember a lot of the places. One we went to before was a fish and chip place that was good. We were able to walk to it via the beach boardwalk and up the Main Street. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as we remembered but it was okay. We picked up bread for tomorrow's breakfast on the way back and came along the boardwalk but further so we could see the beaches the owner had advised us to go on. At least we have plenty of choice and the weather looks better for tomorrow.

Smallest settled himself under a blanket watching The Simpsons until he was tired enough to try and sleep. The people at the back of us had a pool and there were lots of screaming kids in it which kept him awake so we put some music on to help drown them out. We played Chill Out which I know bores him in the hope it might send him to sleep eventually. Huffle and Small played on their tablets and kept an eye on the blue Jays score while I wandered back down to the beach to catch the sunset.

It was beautiful and I got many photos.

Well so far, the house seems normal which is totally against what Huffle normally finds for us. Although the the ladder into the kitchen is a bit strange but not really anything equal to the other houses we have stayed in.

Year 1: higgledepiggledy house where the rain poured through the front door. Year 2: egg smelling shower. Year 3: dance floor and celebrity hairdresser owners. Year 4: floor to nowhere and chair in an upstairs window over looking the living room. Year 5: PaulWhite and his non wifi and dusty house. Well done Huffle for finding us a nice place. If we can get Smallest to sleep, I think we are going to like it here.


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