Friday, 4 August 2017

Somewhere between Europe, North America and Australia

Small's toe was much better this morning and the swelling had reduced considerably by the end of the day. Plus he could walk almost normally without his slidy slipper. Phew! We still iced it and raised it just to make sure but the bruising is definitely coming out now.

We all spent the day (Huffle worked in between) tidying, cleaning and preparing for our holiday which officially starts tomorrow though we are all in holiday mode right now! I made a list of things to do and one by one we ticked them off. The boys had half an hour of whatever gadget they wanted for each chore so sometimes they did one and then played and other times they did two or three for a longer time. I played MarioKart with them several times.

I did several loads of washing, mainly beach towels and got them all dry. Boys were packed, Huffle has a holiday pile and my stuff is almost done. Games were collected, fridge emptied and by the time it got closer to dinner and the offerings were leftover mashed potato, half a tin of tomatoes, cauliflower and some sausages, we decided to go out for dinner instead, throw away our weird combination and start our holiday early.

Most of today was cloudy and rainy and we had several storm warnings plus we were under a Tornado Watch (well I think we still are but apart from the sky looking weird and the clouds moving fast, I think we have escaped it again). Because I listen to Internet Radio, we don't get the usual tornado siren but our weather apps kept us up-to-date.

The boys and I finished yesterday's Monopoly game and Small won easily. Smallest and I voted to get rid of the game (knowing there was no way Small would part with any Monopoly set) and as we decided you needed two votes to keep a game, he spent the rest of the day trying to get Huffle to vote to keep it. We let him keep it in the end.

Smallest wrote a note for MissMoll so she knows what to do when she feeds the fish who are all nicely clean and have their timers set so their lights come on and go off when it's time for bed. I hope they won't miss someone saying goodnight to them.

MrsRoyal came round to see where the vegetables were to pick while we are away. There are now that many people picking veg that we shouldn't have any marrows or overripe beans or tomatoes when we get back, we shall see.

Oh my goodness I am ready for this break now. I really hope the weather gets better as all we want to do is sit on the beach, swim, canoe and play cricket and boules. Maybe have an ice cream or twenty.


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