Saturday, 12 August 2017

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Free organic vegetables to anyone who can pick them for a whole week. Tomatoes, Courgettes and Beans a plenty. Why then when we ask six different people to pick whatever they want and as much as they want, they pick nothing? NOTHING? My first major task this morning was checking the courgettes.

Nine! NINE! And just to show how big the biggest one was....

Now I am pretty impressed that we get that many in just a week but really, all six picked nothing?

Later I checked the beans. Beautiful beans of yellow, green and purple and I managed to pick a whole colander full.

Cucumbers? Six and really big long ones too! Only one red tomato but Huffle, Smallest and I cut down a lot of the leaves to let more sunlight in so we should be getting plenty soon.

Honestly, I don't know how to get people to pick stuff. If only to stop us losing the whole lot by it all going to seed. Well we will be having courgette everything for a while, not that that's anything new this time of year. I am very disappointed that not one of the six people picked anything. It is possible that MissMoll picked the raspberrries but I can't be sure.

Anyway, it was lovely to sleep in our big comfy beds and to have room around us. It was great to be in our kitchen in the morning and be able to get round each other while we went about getting our breakfasts. It was fabulous having more than one bathroom to get ready in and two showers to use later. How nice to go away for a week and live in a tiny cottage and then come home. How much we all appreciate what we have got. It's like one of the stories we used to read to the kids; A squash and a squeeze. "Oh wise man help me please, my house is a squash and a squeeze"

I can't remember whether I mentioned that the morning we left for our holiday, the boys were unplugging all things electrical. In the kitchen I have a plug in scented wax holder which when switched on smells nice. I had it on to give the house a nice smell before we left and Smallest pulled it out of the socket without switching it off or letting it cool down and harden. Very hot wax spilled over his hand (ouch) and all over the granite top. His hand was thrust under cold water and was fine. The granite was smeared with wax which we got most of it off but it left a dull smear which we decided to leave and sort on our return. This morning we tried hot water, hair dryer, spatula, knife, white vinegar and finally a grease remover which worked. Whether it was the combination of things or just the latter we are not sure but all is well now. It was an orange coloured wax too and went up the white tiles and over my cream coloured mixer. All sorted now thankfully.

The pool was nicely clear and just needed filling slightly plus some chlorine and phdown later on today. This afternoon we spent time in it, swimming, playing and messing. It was cold in there but okay once in. This is the first time we have kept it running whilst we have been away so we haven't had to spend two weeks trying to make it clear again. All because Huffle and Small mended the holes.

We went out for early afternoon dinner in an air conditioned pub. Very humid today. Plus we picked up essentials on the way home.

Lots of washing and drying has been done today and all beds stripped and remade. I normally do that before we go away so we have fresh stuff for when we return but I ran out of time.

It was the Perseid Showers this evening and Huffle and I sat outside looking up to the sky. We saw several shooting stars but nothing too extraordinary. A huge cloud ruined our view in the end.

Open House again for DonNoQuoteys house tomorrow and we know that MrsDonNoQuotey and the girls have already moved out as they were packing up the day we left for holiday.

There is so much blooming in our garden at the moment


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