Friday, 25 August 2017

Two holes in one and still lost!

Huffle ended up sleeping in the loft last night due to him making weird noises. I kept thinking he was talking to me but he was just snoring or snuffling. He is no better today.

I took Small to his last day of camp where they went off on a baseball day. One of his stories was he had to take ten kids to the toilet and they were all making a lot of noise so he told them to shut up (not an acceptable word here amongst younger kids apparently). They said "errrrr you said a bad word". He told them it wasn't bad and they all went out saying shut up shut up shut up!!! He had to participate in a game of Assistant Councillor against Councillor in Training where the CIT's (him included) got pelted with water. He had a great two weeks but is exhausted. He came away with a form signed for his community hours and a lovely letter saying thank you for the all effort, work and help and Good Luck in the future, plus a few mini chocolate bars.

Smallest and I went to the Crazy (Mini) golf today. We got there just before 10am which is classed as Early Bird and we got $1 off each. I made the mistake of telling Smalest I was going to win and he would cry BOO HOO like a baby when I beat him easily. Well that was silly because he beat me (by 1 point) and he didn't let me forget my words!

We had a great time and although we had a group of four in front of us and a couple behind us, it didn't spoil it at all. The group of four kept giving us hints of what to do or not when they made mistakes and the ones behind were cheering us on and asking for advice. It was nice.

The weather was splendid. Sunny but not too hot and we relaxed and took silly photos as we waited for our turn.

We finished the morning off with an ice cream. Well it was hard work, all 19 holes of craziness.

On the way home we popped to the supermarket, the one that sells wine and beer now, and picked up some stuff for the weekend. Small has a football tournament on the Saturday and Sunday so we bought some treats and snacks for that and a couple of cans of beer for ClownRose for being the boys' contact when we were out for the evening.

We came home for lunch with Huffle and then we FaceTimed Moo and had a long chat with her and a good catch up. We played Carcassonne (I won again but only by about ten points) but had to abandon it temporarily when I went to collect Small.

Dinner was made and eaten and Huffle and I took Smallest to his football practice. We had a walk around looking at Gardens and then sat in the last of the sunshine and watched the football.

This evening we watched Gardeners World. Lovely.


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