Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Cheese sauce makes everything taste better

First thing this morning, before I even had my hot water drink, I followed Huffle to The Tire to drop his car off and bring him home. They did his brakes around midday and we picked it up later.

The boys had an easy morning playing on their tablets plus Smallest and I played a game of Carcassonne. Not such a close game this time!! Say no more little man!

We had lunch and watched Catch Phrase with the kids as Vic and Bob were on there. This afternoon I took the boys swimming. Well they swam and I knitted. They had a lot of fun playing 'hide and seek' and 'let's annoy a couple of kids and a man'. We went home the wrong way so by the time we got home Huffle had already finished work and dinner was a later one though I get help.

After dinner we went and got Huffle's car and picked up a few essentials for the rest of the week. Huffle was supposed to have tomorrow off to spend it with us but I forgot and arranged something for the kids to do instead so he has now taken off Thursday, Friday and he gets the weekend and Monday off (Labour Day). Wahooo.

When we got home, Huffle wasn't happy with his newly fixed car as it made noises that weren't there before. He called The Tire and it has to go back in tomorrow morning. BOOOOOOO.

I made a Lemon Courgette Cake with tiny finely grated Courgette to take to a pool gathering tomorrow. Smallest's friend doesn't eat ANYTHING and his mum wondered if would know there is a vegetable in it. Huffle and I tried a slice whilst watching the new Great British Bake Off.

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