Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Put some gravy on your scaly taters.

Too early to get up. Can't cope. Too tired!!! I took Small to his camp and on the way we had our road blocked by a Police Car, I'm guessing because of an accident. No diversion signs just had to rely on my GPS to get us there. It took us quite a bit out of our way and said we would be fifteen minutes late so I have to admit I did speed a bit. One of the roads took us through a housing estate with a big hill and on the downward bit there was a policeman holding a speed gun. I think I got away with it as I braked, not that I was going that fast anyway but it was a 40km area. Typical as that part there is normally someone really slow in front of me and I have no choice but to do the limit or less. I think, here in Canada, if they don't stop you there and then, you are okay. Phew! I came home a different way and when I went back to collect him I tried another route but that had construction on it so I won't be using that tomorrow!

I had a late breakfast and Smallest was busy on his tablet so he let me watch one of my programs with my headphones on while I ate. I did some clearing and tidying and played several games of Pokemon Yahtzee with him before him and Huffle went off for a car adventure. Huffle's oil light came on the other day and he bought some oil and then realised it was totally empty and hadn't been changed for ages so he booked his car in for an oil and filter change and general check up. It needs some work on the brakes but that will have to be another time as they needed 3.5 hours. They dropped the car off and went for lunch at SwissChalet. This is a Chicken restaurant so no good for me and Small and perfect for the chicken lovers in our house. They said it was good.

Waiting for his chicken

I went out and had lunch with my knitting ladies. There were eight of us and plenty of chat as we haven't been knitting since before the Summer started though we have had lunch once since then. It was nice to catch up and hear everyone's news. We stayed for about an hour and a half and I was the first to leave as I wanted to get back to spend some time with Smallest before Small's camp finished. He was busy playing MarioKart again so he asked me to join him. We played for about half an hour and then I made him come off and come with me to get Small.

We got there early and had a walk around the place outside until he was ready. Today Small learned about CPR. He found out that some people have a DNR letter but that as a non medical person, that letter means nothing and you have to still do whatever you can do. Its to safeguard them against being sued. Can you imagine suing someone for resuscitating you? I can't imagine that will apply to any of the kids at next week's camp but he gets certified in CPR so it's possibly for future endeavours. He has to finish it tomorrow and take a test before he gets the certificate. He also had to make a plan for his camp next week. He is going to Sports Camp which is what he wanted to do. It will include Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Football and swimming.

I made dinner for Small and I and then I took him to his football practice. Huffle stayed at home to cut the grass and Smallest stayed behind to help him.

Driving today, two different vehicles overtook cyclists and came over right to the other side of the road giving the cyclist sooo much room it was ridiculous. Giving cyclists space is fine but they were on the wrong side of the road on the brow of a hill with no idea what might come over the top. Crazy. One came into my path. Canadians (and I can only assume it is Canadians as we are in this country) do not seem to have any idea of spacial awareness. They must be taught it or they just have no idea of how much room to give. I told Small I would bring him back to England to learn to drive before letting him take his test here,


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