Friday, 11 August 2017

Is it the chacooga choo choo?

A day full of rain, clouds and storms. We have had the best of the Summer weather so far so we weren't too bothered. Everyday we have been on the beach so it's quite nice to have a break. We decided we would play a few games and go to the cinema.

After breakfast we played Carcassonne (I won and for once I didn't get all the roads), and because it had brightened up a little, I chose to go for a walk along the beach where we hadn't been before. Unfortunately the water was stopping us as we didn't have beach shoes on and we ended up going back along the road. We saw a big house for sale and it was open house day but Smallest and I liked others more so we we chose not to look ;)

We packed up a lunch for later and drove to the ice cream shop. Today's flavours were 3 strawberry yoghurts and 1 gold medal ribbon. Then it was on to the cinema.

Today we watched Despicable Me 3. The board outside said Despicable Me 3 D G and we wondered if it was No1 in 3D or No3 in D for Grandparents only. Anyway, we thought we had the cinema to ourselves as there was only one other family there but as time went on, it got quite full (possibly to do with the weather because we had a Severe Weather Alert too). The film was good, not as good as the first but better than the second, in our opinion. There were lots of trailers for the Emoji movie but it does not make us want to see it EVER! We sneaked our sandwiches in which was fine for the boys and I because we had laughing cow but Huffle had stinky egg!!!

By the time we came out it was threatening to be stormy again, in fact the storm warning was right into tomorrow so we abondoned our plans to go to the local waterfall and went back towards the cottage and stopped at a sports bar to see if we could catch the end of thbouquet Leicester game. The place had three big TVs and Huffle asked if we could watch the 'soccer'. Yay, we sat with a drink each and caught the last 30 minutes. Shame we didn't beat the Yucky Arsenal but never mind.

On the way back we were discussing dinner options and decided to go back to the fish and chip shop and by the time we got there, we were all hungry enough to eat. This time we got in before the rush. Nice fish today and our server said "sounds good" to everything we said. It did make us chuckle.

Back in the cottage we had a game of Five Crowns (Small and I jointly won) and while we were playing we made the decision to leave tonight instead of tomorrow morning. Next door were having a noisy dinner, the son was flying his drone, the kids in the garden behind us were shouty and noisy and a big RV arrived today, plus we could already smell fires. We finished our game and started packing and cleaning and filling the car. We all worked very hard and quick and we had left by 8pm. However, ten minutes nto our journey and I remembered NOT emptying a drawer and when I checked if the boys had done it, Smallest remembered it had all of our medicines and first aid in, including Smallest's inhaler and allergy medicines. We had no choice but to go back. Luckily the cottage was open and I just slipped in and out without anyone noticing.

Lovely holiday. I was worried a week wouldn't be enough but as the weather has been so good, it's been perfect. Plenty of silliness, lots of relaxing. Thank you Huffle.

It's 11:45pm and we just got home, boys have gone to bed, fish are alive and well, it's raining and lightning. Welcome home.

Toes: Small's toe is healed nicely. Mine is nearly healed. I was wearing a dark purple black nail polish on my toes and when I bashed my toe, the polish on that toe came off and now the bruise is the same colour as the polish and it just looks like the polish has fallen off my nail and on to my toe. It's been taped together but I've taken it off now and it's much better.


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