Monday, 21 August 2017

I could have trumped that ball in the net!

20 years ago yesterday, Huffle and I had our first date. In a little country pub. Who'd have thought then that we would be here in Canada, with two Small's, one of which is taller than us!

Extra early get up today due to Small needing to be at camp for 8:45. He had a good but very tiring day. One of his camp mates got bitten by a child! Small played football, dodgeball and swimming. None of them were allowed outside today due to the fact they didn't want to kids looking at the eclipse.

Smallest and I went and picked up our pottery from last week. We were very pleased with the results.

Next we went to The Tire to pick up some mulch for Suffolks garden as the soil is poor and I spend all my time digging it over to make it look nicer. Hopefully it will add to the soil texture eventually, stop the weeds and keep the moisture in. At Suffolks we put the mulch down, pulled a few weeds and checked the back garden before going off for a FrozenYoghurt nearby. It was nicely air conditioned in there so we sat in and played a game of Rush Hour.

It was very hot today (someone told us it was going to get to 38* but I think the highest was around 33*) and Smallest and I came home for lunch with Huffle before going off to the pool. Unfortunately the pool was green today due to the vacuuming not being done for a while so we vacuumed, backwashed and rinsed and decided it was too hot not to go in so we did. It was a lovely 25* and if we ignored the colour, it was almost perfect. We had to fill it with cold water so it got cooler but it didn't matter. We gave it a good chlorine before we left. Hoping it looks better in a few days.

Black and white today as the pool is green

Smallest had a bath (he has hurt his leg and we decided he would not play football tonight but rest) and I went to get Small.

I made dinner and we all went out to watch Small's football game. We have never been able to do this this season because one of us is normally with Smallest at his practice. The score was 2-2 and was very entertaining.

Anyone would think my boys like Fish and Chips!


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