Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Irishman who's not!

It was another very hot day and Smallest asked if we could cycle along the lake. It was far too hot so the boys decided to go in the pool while I went and did some gardening at Suffolk's. Huffle was upstairs working and I knew he would keep an eye on them when he could but they were told to stay together and be nice to each other. Apparently they filled the pool while they were in and made a game of floating near the cold hose. When I came home I sneaked up the steps to check on them and they were giggling, making a whirlpool and Smallest was on Small's shoulders. It didn't take long however, for them to be fighting and arguing.

I could only manage an hours gardening as it was too hot. I weeded and chopped back but the soil was dry and compacted it was quite tough. In the end I gave up after I overfilled a bag of weeds and came home to jump in the pool.

I made the boys lunch and Huffle and I sat with our legs dangled in the pool. It felt very cool despite the temperature being 24/25* and then it started raining so we packed up and came in.

This afternoon I picked veg and made a vegetable visit to MrsRoyal to see if she would pick stuff while we were away and to MissMoll to see if she would feed the fish while we were away. MissMoll came back with me and we picked some veg for her to eat and take home and I gave her instructions on how to feed the fish. I walked her back home and gave her Dad a key. Her Grandma is going to help her so hopefully all will be well.

Some of our harvest less MrsRoyal's MissMoll's

The boys played on their tablets and I FaceTimed Moo and made dinner. Today I made myself some courgette, Onion and Cheese sausages. They were yummy. We had them with mash and beans. Now Smallest and I don't like the baked beans here and Moo normally brings us a load of tins, plus the supermarket sells British style beans. So whenever we have beans we have to have two tins, one for Smallest and I and one for Small and Huffle. Tonight the two bowls of beans were on the table and Huffle assumed the lighter ones were ours. We got them mixed up. Smallest and I can always tell. I don't know if there is more sugar in the ones here but they are disgusting!

Small should have gone to football practice but apart from the storm we had, he also bent his big toe over while he was walking and it was very swollen. It hurt him so we iced it. When he went to bed it looked at a funny angle and was still swollen. We will see how it is in the morning, maybe a trip to XRay!! Right before our holiday as well!

We played a game of Blokkus and then Newmarket. Smallest insisted we play MarioKart and we had two games of that before Huffle and I went out for a walk around the village. Today was the last day for the garage (I will miss that little place, who will change my tyres now?) and the last day for the hairdressers too. The pizza place closed yesterday.

Hey Peg-gy


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