Wednesday, 23 August 2017

MrBrown's pet in Roshdale

It is truly amazing how the kids have started saying things in a different way. I don't mean all of a sudden they are speaking in a Canadian accent. I mean that they phrase things differently, like, I did good (ahhh I hate that one). Small has started calling football teams by weird names, 1 because he hasn't heard the word before and is just guessing incorrectly and 2 because he pronounces things strangely. For example, today he saw that Stoke were playing Rocdale and called it (phonetically) roshdale. The other day Smallest called Wolves, The Wolves and Small said that BrightonandHoveAlbion was BrightonandHomeAlbion. It's funny when it's regarding football teams but infuriating when it's everyday words. "I did it on accident" is another pet peeve of mine that Small says. There are many more but I can't think of them at the moment.

I slept well but just not long enough. Once again I had to get up early to make Small's lunch and get him to camp in time. I must have been on automatic pilot because I went in the wrong direction and had to turn around. Small didn't even notice. He did go to bed later than normal but he said he was fine and not at all tired. We'll see. The boys enjoyed their time on their own and were perfectly fine despite the fact Small emailed me five times asking if he should turn the lights off but as I was using the Stadium's wifi, I didn't get them until he had gone to bed. I did get an email thanking me for dinner and telling me he loves me. Awwwww.

Once I came back I had breakfast, cleared up the kitchen a bit and then Smallest and I went food shopping. We had lunch at home and attempted to play tennis. We were both quite bad today but we had fun and a lot of laughs and we found a tennis ball so that makes up for the one we lost last time.

Back home Smallest decided to clear some of the stuff we put in boxes when we cleaned his room (no more sneezing and coughing so maybe it was the dust) and he found a pack of make your own monsters. We made one together and I left him making another one while I fetched Small. This evening we made two more.

Small had a very busy day and had to deal with two different children who did not want to take part in any of the sports and were quite a handful (including running into the road) but Small seemed to deal with them. Him and another boy got to do one of their games today and that went well. The Counciller director said they did a good job today. We heard all about it during dinner.

This evening Small and Huffle went off to practice and drove to the wrong palace making them very late! Huffle complained it was windy and cool and he had to wear a fleece! Smallest and I stayed at home and emptied and filled the dishwasher, made a couple of monsters and played MarioKart before tucking him up in bed and him reading to me while I closed my eyes. Ahhhhhh

I can't believe how tired I am. I nearly fell asleep during dinner today!


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