Monday, 1 May 2017

Half a fapefrur please

Pinch punch first day of the month. No Bank Holiday for us here (UK enjoying one I know, well I hope you got better weather than we did).

It rained all day. Extremely heavy wet cold rain too though it did warm up a bit this afternoon with temperatures around 18*. Early evening we had a storm with massive strikes of lightning and huge roaring claps of thunders. Huffle was seen to be running down the stairs from the loft into the basement with Smallest following close behind.

Today should have been Track and Field but was cancelled due to the rain. We sent Smallest off with a note to say he couldn't run due to his groin injury. Luckily football practice is off for a week while we change from the Spring season to Summer season. That will give him a chance to recover I hope before he starts playing games again. Despite the note though he did admit to playing Dodgeball in gym!!!!!

Huffle worked mainly in the loft though I found him at the kitchen table a few times and obviously in the basement during the storm. I went to Costco but not before I watched the last episode of Line of Duty. Ooooh gripping!

In our house, when we run out of things or need food etc, we write it on the chalk board. This means when I go shopping I just take a photo of the board and there is my list. It also means that all of us have a hand in writing on it. Today my list had stuff on that Smallest had written. This is what I thought something said fapefrur and I had no idea what it was. It was grapefruit of course. Smallest's decided he wanted to try one.

Before I started my journey to Costco, we had a weather statement saying there was a fog advisory warning in effect with zero visibility, it wasn't too bad but the amount of rain we had definitely made visibility bad. The puddles at the side of the road made for interesting driving too.

Huffle and I had lunch together before I went again for my exercise class. OUCH as usual. Too many planks, lots of weights, a bit of yoga and ab work plus the usual funny stories and silliness.

This afternoon I divided all the meat and bread products up for the freezer and made a start on dinner. Fish cakes, salad and cous cous. Nice. The boys came home dripping wet. No outside recess today.

MrsPiano came late and the boys had their lessons. Smallest is playing "Those were the days" and Small is playing "house of the rising sun". MrsPiano is a wannabe 70's hippy. They are tying to choose songs for their recital in June.

After dinner the boys played on their tablets and Huffle and I made a list of things we need to buy for our new bathroom. We need to get a move on as we asked MrBasement to do the work in May. Whoops!



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