Tuesday, 9 May 2017

25 pence saved

I slept terribly because I couldn't stop thinking about poor Arnie the Fish. He was alive this morning and when Smallest came down to feed him he actually ate a piece of food which is rare but surely a good sign. Smallest turned the under cupboard lights on for him to make him feel more at home. Huffle turned them off though when we were all out to save Electricity. Silly Huffle they are very low cost LED lights with hundreds of hours. He moved Arnie onto the table so I wouldn't notice but I knew instantly. There is something not quite right with PeterCrouch too. He is not behaving normally. We wondered if he got hurt yesterday too or whether he is missing his fighting pal. Tonight we took down the divider. Arnie is still in his bowl.

The boys went to school. Smallest slept well again so looked better though his eyes were red when he came home from school. Small is still doing Track and Field but Smallest has finished his and is waiting for softball to start. Huffle worked hard and hoovered in his breaks and cleaned the bathroom.

I went to work and weeded and planted potatoes and did lots of cutting back. I came home with some more slabs and garlic to eat and plant. For coffee break we had lovely double choc cookies. Yum yum.

Lovey tulip shogun

I came home for lunch with Huffle and made a soup for dinner whilst Facetiming Moo. This afternoon I went for a walk to the library which was a waste of time. Suffolk lent me a library book to do my blinds and I tried to renew it in my name but the libraries aren't connected so I couldn't do it. I had a good walk though. I am soooo tired today, I could fall asleep standing!

Boys came home and tidied Smallest's Lego away that they were building with weeks ago so now I can get to his floor and clean it. His allergies haven't been so bad today but if we can remove the dust it gives him a better chance of beating the hay fever. Unfortunately this time of year we can't open his windows because of the pollen coming in. His stinky boy room has to stay stinky for a bit longer!

After dinner we all played Catan online. Huffle won.

Tonight we watched GBBO Creme de la Creme.



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