Sunday, 21 May 2017

DaftPunk joins the family

Pancake breakfast made by all with a plethora of fruit. Yum yum. We didn't eat until about 10am and then we didn't eat our diner until 3pm. Love weekends or holidays when we can just eat because we are hngry and not because we have a tight time schedule.

Both football teams were playing today so the boys watched in the main stand downstairs and I had the upper stand. While I watched/listened, I cleared out all my Winter clothes and put all my Summer clothes in the wardrobe. Don't know why because it was rainy, cold and dull today but at least I know it won't last.

After the football (win for Stoke and a draw for Leicester) we decided to go out. Mainly we went out to buy me a new phone case. My phone is due for an update but we couldn't find a deal similar to the one we currently have so I decided I would make do with a case instead. There is nothing wrong with my phone except my case is broken. I got a sparkly new glittery one. When you live in a houseful of boys you have to get your 'girlyness' in somewhere.

Dinner was at our favourite fast pizza place. Not a pretty restaurant but quick and very tasty. This is where we get our Calzones or Panzerottis from. It was completely empty when we came in and the waitress said "oh are you my panzerotti family with the great accents?". While we were there five other families joined us. Trend setters!

Because of the rain stopping us from going for a walk, we went to the pet shop and bought a fish. Smallest said Small could have one instead and Small was very happy with that. He chose another red one but smaller than PeterCrouch. He was certainly one of the few that moved a lot. Most of them looked dead! We took him home and filled his tank, put in his cave and added a new grass. Small has named him DaftPunk after the band. He is quite daft too!


This evening we watched the end of Britains Got Talent and finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before we tidied and cleared Smallest's bedroom. He has thrown out (for garage sale possibly) loads of books, some games and puzzles and other stuff. We only did two bookshelves and his desk but it looks so much better already.

Smallest's football practice was cancelled today but there is a two hourone tomorrow instead.


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