Saturday, 6 May 2017

Birch, Ash and his trousers*

Smallest slept well last night and instead of getting up too early and reading, he went back to sleep. We can tell he's really struggling at the moment because he gets upset over the silliest things. For example when we were in a DIY shop today, him and Small were playing with a bouncy ball and it got lost in between boxes. When he tried to get it back he hurt his knee on some wood! He was not happy and almost burst into tears. Bless him. The pollen count isn't too bad at the moment either so we think tiredress, feeling under the weather etc has all got the better of him.

After breakfast we all split up for football watching. Me upstairs watching my team win wahoooo. All the boys downstairs watching their team draw. I also continued crocheting my tea cosy which I am now happy about and it is almost finished.

Later we went out for dinner and played Monopoly Deal. During the ordering process I was asked if I wanted gravy on my fries. I screwed my face up and our waitress said "oh I remember you all now... the gravy thing.... right I won't ask ask the rest of you!"

Small needed new Football Boots so our next stop was the sports shop where we found him a huge pair of boats. Both boys have grown out of their jeans so next stop was a Jeans shop. Small has gone down in waist but up in height and Smallest is now in an age 8. His clothes range from age 7-11 which is crazy!

Next we went bath shopping to a place where we could actually climb into the baths to test their depth and comfort. We got some good ideas and found a shower screen we liked and found it was called a tub door here. We took our findings to a DIY shop where we found a bath that was hanging from the ceiling so Huffle asked if we could get it down. After much confusion, the shop assistant opened a new box and we climbed in. It was perfect for what we can fit in the space. There was no way we could get it into car so we decided to leave it and order it when we got home after checking other websites first. We got some help from the plumbing department and picked out our drainage which in fact is the plug attached to a pipe attached to the overflow thingy. Plus we had to buy a Pea Catcher which is not to catch peas (that you might be eating in the bath) but to stop the smell of sewerage coming back up the pipe. Ummm nice.

Bath we like
Shower door we like
Silly boys hiding in amongst the boxes
Bath in a box!

Back home we had a conversation with MrBasement who is coming to do the work in about three weeks time. He gave us advice and said he would collect the bath saving us another $55 for delivery. Tomorrow Huffle and I are looking at more bathroom stuff.

This evening we watched Britains Got Talent (errr no I don't think it has based on that episode) and Robot Wars before we sent Smallest off to bed. Small, Huffle and I played an online game of Catan before Small went to bed.

We have snow forecast overnight (ridiculous) and so we put a tarpaulin over the lettuces just in case.

*when checking the local Pollen Count it said that Pollen was low. I said out loud "Birch and Ash are low" and Smallest looked out of the window, saw a boy with trousers slung low below his bum, and he said "......and his trousers!" Funny!


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