Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Major Tom's Toms

Small had to get up and go out earlier than normal again, this time so he could catch the bus for his grade to visit the High School. He walked to school. Today they discussed clubs and the only one he definitely wants to do is football plus band but that is a given seeing as he has chosen music as one of his electives. He was there all morning and then spent the rest of the day at the dress rehearsal for the Spring Concert.

Smallest waited and waited and waited for his bus. Luckily the weather was lovely. He deadheaded the daffodils for me and checked on his bird feeder which is now empty, those greedy birds.

Our first Magnolia flower. Beautiful. We've waited about four years for that.

This afternoon Huffle and I went to watch the Dress Rehearsal of the Spring Concert. At Christmas I got the flu and I am convinced it was from the Concert. Too cramped, too hot, too many sick people. So when we got the chance to watch the rehearsal instead, Huffle and I jumped at it. It was a bit rough around the edges but much more enjoyable. Plenty of room, no huge reason to be overly quiet and not too warm. Huffle had to leave but not before Small played his part in the band and Smallest played his piano piece. Huffle was very moved by Smallest's performance. Bless, he did really well. Thank goodness we don't have to hear THAT tune anymore though. They had the proper concert later that evening.

I drove to the garage and dropped my car there for new brakes. I also pointed out there was a funny noise when I turned right (which was possibly the brakes too), my handbrake was loose and the exhaust (muffler) was noisy. I walked on to Exercise where it was just KW and I. We worked hard mainly with floor work, thank goodness we didn't do any weights, my arms are hurting from Monday exercise and Tuesday gardening. I walked back home, had a shower and then lunch with Huffle in front of a bit of Gotham before we went to the concert.

I had to walk home. 30* and humid. What a crazy weather system we have here. Half way home I got a call from the garage saying my brakes pads and rotaries (guessing that means discs) needed repairing and my muffler (snigger) needed replacing. All in all too much money for me to say yes to without talking to Huffle first. We decided to get the work done as my car is very very noisy and it has been steadily getting worse for over a year now. It won't be ready until tomorrow morning though.

This afternoon, I was sitting on the porch, revelling in the sunshine whilst chatting to Moo, who was sitting watching the rain, when the bus stopped for the little girl next door. They won't let her off without Otto being there. At this point I should mention that Otto is NOT his real name. I shouted OTTO at the top of my voice and then realised I'd shouted his nickname. Whoops. Moo was laughing. I shouted his real name and then went and knocked on his door to get him out. He didn't say thank you but I did it for the girl more than him.

The boys came home and chatted to Moo for a while before I made dinner and they helped me. I ironed their lovely white shirts for the concert and managed to get a photo before Huffle dropped them off.

A silly photo
A bit-too-sensible photo

We sat on the porch but it was too hot and came and sat on the patio and played Catan online. When Small finished his band part he walked home. Huffle and I went and picked Smallest up and got handed a tomato plant grown from seeds from space by one of the teachers. We planted it in the garden when we got home.

A quick look around the garden before we got completely bitten by mosquitoes........

Lovely tulips
Dicentra. Coreopsis. Epimedium. Magnolia. Liriodendron. Virginian Bluebells


Today I had two diffferent people, at different times, mention that my skin was red and perhaps burnt! OMG! Here we go again. WHY? Why can't people leave me alone. The first one helped me come up with some suggestions, the first being 'just say you're English'. The second one, ignore them, well I tried that on the second person that asked me but she continued and asked if I had been enjoying the sun today. I just shook my head and walked away. So now I am the rude one! The third suggesions was to make something up. I tried saying I had a Skindrome (you know like a syndrome but on my skin!) but they thought I was saying I had a skin drone!!!! The last suggestion was call it TBS (no meaning) and ask them to look it up if they continue to pester me! Arrrrggggh I have the rest of Spring and Summer to get through this!!!

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