Thursday, 25 May 2017

Hey neighbour famfa

Area Track and Field today. So of course we get one of the rainiest days EVER! Still the kids go off on the bus to 'area' and one of the teachers asks me if I brought an umbrella for Smallest. No. Funny thing is, in the UK I had an umbrella in my bag constantly. Here, I rarely know where it is. If it rains here it properly rains and no umbrella is quite good enough. Poor Smallest got to stand for three hours wet through (that will help his cough!!!) waiting for his event to happen and then when it did, he didn't get a place. At midday I got a call saying they had cancelled the afternoon session and were coming back and could I bring him dry clothes or take him home. I opted for taking him home and he was so very happy. He had a hot shower and a hot chocolate to get him warm and then helped me with dinner before we had two games of chess. Small was not happy when he realised he had gone home early.

Smallest walked to the baseball diamond for his softball practice. It was raining hard then too, in fact it hasn't stopped all day and is still raining now (4pm). Only four people and the teacher turned up for the practice as most of the others were at Track and Field. The teacher drove them back to school and they practiced in the gym instead.

Wet garden but looking lush

MrBasement and L4D arrived early this morning and continued to put up the drywall, mudded it (I know all the technical terms now), put in the pot lights (I cannot for the life of me think what these are called in the UK eeeeekkkkk) and put the bath (tub) in place (not secured yet but it gives us an idea of what it will look like). They have a different job to go to tomorrow and will be back on Monday.

Huffle worked from the kitchen table and moved to the loft when I got too noisy and then moved to the basement when the men got too noisy. I lost track of where he was when throughout the day.

This morning I went food shopping and bumped into my lovely weirdly neighbour who's daughter said "hey neighbour famfa". My good deed for the day was giving a lady a trolley (cart) when she couldn't find a quarter to put in. Angel gave me a spam key (yes the key from the spam tin) which fits in a trolley where the money should go perfectly. I keep it on my keyring because then I always have it and I unlocked mine and one for the lady who had no money. You're welcome! While putting the shopping away at home, I came across the usual 'dead' things in the fridge. Out of date, squashed, yucky stuff and so sorted it all out, throwing stuff away. Then I found that something had spilled, looked like it had been there decades, or was a really really sticky thing. I had to take everything out, take all the shelves and drawers out and scrub. It looks like nearly new but I'm guessing it won't be for long. How come no-one else notices these things?

Huffle and I had a very hurried lunch together before I drove off to school to pick up our wet son. I had to sit and wait for over half an hour until the bus arrived. In the meantime several parents turned up and wondered should they take their kids home or just give them a change of clothes. Considering Smallest's shoes and socks were wet, I think we made a good decision.

This afternoon I made two cottage pies and a broccoli and blue cheese soup which Smallest helped greatly with. The men finished. Small came home and vacuumed the mess the men had left and both boys played on their tablets until dinner.

Drywall and mud
Lights off
Lights on (very bright, needs a dimmer)

No activities tonight.

After dinner we all played Munchkins. Small won of course. Everyone else was tired and couldn't care less by the end. Tut tut.


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