Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Bum Bike Bench Bones

I went to bed early and slept as soon as my head hit the pillow. Half an hour later Huffle came up and I woke up but not for long. I slept long and peacefully. Huffle slept long but took ages to get to sleep. Smallest looked much better today and is coughing less.

The boys went to school. Small did some more Track and Field and did shoutput. He came fourth (enthusiasm ribbon so Smallest said). That's that box ticked for Track and Field. Right what's next?

Huffle worked upstairs and in his breaks, mowed the grass. He has been charging the mower battery for a couple of days. There was no issue so that's good for the first cut of the season. I went to aerobics and worked very hard. No complaining from me today due to me not going on Monday. My Bum Bones already hurt from going on my bike the other day.

Huffle had said that we couldn't get a new tank for a Arnie until he started swimming again. Smallest and I pretended he was swimming and told Huffle stories of healthy Arnie and how much he was swimming but Huffle saw through our pretence. However, I still went out and bought him a new one. I tried to appeal to the staff that they sold us something that wasn't fit for purpose and although they were very sympathetic I still had to pay full price. I also found a cave in the sale so picked that up too. I grabbed a few bits at the supermarket while I was out and got back in time for lunch and all the grass was cut.

This afternoon I started up the new tank, conditioned the water, added the cave and grass (had to cut the top off to fit in the tank). When I put Arnie in it, he swam around (delightfully!?) went into his cave and settled in his grass. All was well I thought. Later however, he appeared to be stuck in his gravel nose first so I had to get my hand in and swish it. Then he got stuck in his grass head first and I had to remove the grass but not before I got him out, losing another part of his fin (we think it might have been a part that was already off but stuck to another bit. Poor Arnie, he is such a sad looking thing. We turned the filter off mid evening because Huffle thought it was pushing him downwards and he doesn't have the strength to swim against it. PeterCrouch seems a little less crazy today in his huge estate.

The rest of the afternoon I did some gardening in our garden. I have weeded and dug over most of the side garden and taken all the dandelions out of the front garden. Smallest deadheaded all the daffodils this morning.

Dicentra, Pulsatilla and a miniature tulip
My lovely Trilliums. I have one under the tree at the front and five under the trees in the back garden.

I made dinner, Smallest made a cheese sauce for the cauliflower and Huffle supervised while I had a shower. After dinner Huffle and Smallest went shopping (they wouldn't tell me why but it is Mothers Day here on Sunday). Small and I went to basketball. He worked very hard.



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