Thursday, 11 May 2017

Macalpine back in business

Everyone slept well. Smallest has developed his cough again and his eyes were looking puffy this evening but his groin is okay (Huffle gave him a kick about today and said he was good to go). The boys went to school. Small has started his softball in gym and will be trying out for the team next week starting with two 8am starts. On Monday he is at Canada's Wonderland (theme park) for a band thing and the rest of the day on the park. Arnie has been swimming very well today once I turned his filter off. I think the drag of the water was stopping him swimming so now he swims almost perfectly, considering half of his fins and tail are missing. He still looks a poor thing.

I had a free day so got my blinds out and sewed the Velcro on and one pocket rod. I was not happy with it at all and know it's not perfect but I just wasn't in the mood. The garden was beckoning me and Huffle went out a couple of times to dig some turf out for the new path. Once I put all my sewing away, we put the new porch furniture out that we got from D across the road. It's cane and wood with big pouffy cushions. I'm not sure about them but everyone else in the house likes them. We put two chairs on the roadside for people to take (tip jackals came by and nabbed them this evening) and the others we put on the patio at the back.

I spent a considerable amount of time making a path at the front continuing one we made ages ago. This one is using bricks from Suffolks Garden, stone from work and a huge slab we have had sitting around. There is still a lot to do but it's getting there and loads of grass has been dug up. When Small came home from school he helped me to empty the wheelbarrow and deposit the grass in such a way so as to make compost. We'll see, I think we've tried it before and it became a grass mound.

Lovely lone daffodil
Woody woodpecker feasting on Smallest's bird feeder. The bird has to fly to the pole at the top and slide down until he is just under the feeder. Then he does a twist and fly and grabs the cage underneath. Fascinating. Not seen any squirrels try this manoeuvre yet.

After dinner, all the boys played football and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the Garden and the sunshine but I did not enjoy the mosquitoes which feasted on me! The boys later had a secret meeting in the loft, possibly something to do with Mothers Day.


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