Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Horizontal or Vertical

Huffle and I were just about to settle down to sleep when we heard a huge roar of thunder. Where Huffle sleeps, he can't quite see one of our windows as it is obscured by a wardrobe, but I can and it was through this window that I saw the lightning. I counted how many miles away between each lightning and thunder and it started at around 9 but quickly got to 3. Huffle jumped into the walk-in wardrobe (closet) and I looked in on Small who was up and I think on his way to us. Smallest was awake but lying in bed still. I asked if they wanted to come in our room and they did. Huffle ended up in the basement and the boys and I settled ourselves on the sofas. In the end we all sat and watched some of Britains Got Talent. We thought there was going to be another storm but it seemed to miss us so we all went to bed.

Everyone is very tired today and the boys didn't get us up until nearly 8am which meant Huffle missed his train to Toronto for several meetings this morning. His first meeting got postponed due to a fire drill! He came home around 4 pm and had to carry on working.

The boys went to school in a very silly mood. Tired but still silly. The men arrived shortly after 8am and put the window surround back on (I didn't notice it was off), finished 'mudding' the walls and started the wall tiling. We noticed one of the box of tiles was different to the rest despite it saying the same on the outside of the box. Luckily we noticed before they went on the wall. Huffle called the bathroom people last night to ask where our vanity was as it should have been in the shop on the 28th. We had a message back this morning on the answerphone saying that it wasn't here yet, they were sorry and that it should arrive Monday or Tuesday next week. MrBasement didn't seem too concerned so I guess they won't be finished this week after all. BOOOO!

I went to aerobics this morning and it was torture. Everything aches so much it was so hard to do. I took ExerciseNic's girls their flapjack and recipe and took some for the ladies after we finished for a snack. It was needed. The rest of the morning I chose which way the tiles should go (what a nightmare, vertical or horizontal? We decided on horizontal but I'm not sure why). I tidied, cleaned a bit, had lunch and went out to get some bits from the supermarket.

More lovelies blooming in our garden

Small's softball game was cancelled so he came home on the bus with Smallest. They did their chores, practiced piano and played on their Tablets.

After dinner Huffle took Small to his practice. Small got angry when he tackled a boy and hurt him and the other team got a penalty. He worked very hard and saved his team a lot of goals. Smallest and I played basketball and watched some of Shaun the Sheep Movie. Very funny even if we have seen it half a dozen times.

Small's new kit - white!!!!

The progress on the bathroom is going well....................

Muddling and window surround
Shelfy bit
Alcove trim
More tiling
These silly dudes passing by



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