Monday, 29 May 2017

Rain stops play twice

There should have been a thunder storm last night into the early hours of the morning but it never came. Huffle lay awake waiting for it, silly man. I was too hot as there was no air coming in the windows. We had to have the fan on full blast. Smallest also had his fan on. We did get some rain though and it then rained on and off for the rest of the day.

Smallest bear fast asleep last night

Smallest had woken Small at 7am but he had gone back to sleep and had to wake him again at 7:30 when he woke me up. It was a blurry eyed household this morning. Huffle also got up early in order to move the cars as we had forgotten to do it last night.

The boys went to school. MrBasment and L4D arrived around 8:15. Huffle worked from the kitchen table and up in the loft when things got too noisy and I went off to MrsBasements house and weeded her vegetable patch. Today I learned there is no such thing as a Hoe here (well apart from the obvious but I believe that is spelled differently). I used my British Hoe and hoed all the weeds away, picked them out and spread cow poo over the whole bed. It made the job so much easier than digging. Besides the soil was too rooty to dig it throroughly. Considering she only wants to plants tomatoes and beans, there is no need to dig deeply as it would only encourage more weeds to come through. I stayed for an hour and a half and finished the job. She was very pleased.

I came home and relaxed on the porch with an early lunch and then went off for my exercise class. We had some sad news this morning that ExerciseNic's mum had passed away. Unfortunately she had cancer and the treatments were just not working. Very sad. ExerciseNic decided today that we would do our class on the local park. She attempted to get me to hang from the monkey bars and lift my legs. It was really hard. We did press ups on the bench, jumped up and down on the wood surrounds and hung a lot. I was already hurting from gardening yesterday and then gardening this morning hurt me also. I may not be able to move tomorrow. Later when I was hanging out the washing my arms felt really weak and useless. It was nice to be exercising outside though, if not a little warm. There was distant thunder but we had really hot weather for a while.

I came home and showered really quickly in case the water had to be turned off. Today the men were plumbing in the bath, plus they made a little alcove for in the shower wall, put in a light for the towel shelves and put up bits of wood and stuff.

The boys came home. Smallest had fallen over running to get on the bus and fell over a 'hump' on the useless path (their words). His knee was grazed and bleeding so I administered some first aid. Both boys had piano lessons and are working hard on their recital pieces.

After dinner (leftovers from various meals) we all went to football. Huffle took Small and picked up his new kit, sheltered in the nearby school from the Lightning and came home when the game was cancelled before they even started. I took Smallest to his practice and sat for ten minutes and ctually talked to a nice Mum who I haven't met before, the rain came down and lightning started and the practice was cancelled and we came home.

Smallest and I rushed to get the washing off the line, played a game of Lego Robots and then watched an episode of Shaun the Sheep. The big boys came home and watched with us until Smallest's bedtime. Smallest and I are reading a book I got from the Thrifty shop. It's by Roald Dahl and it's a collection of short stories. I haven't heard if it before but it's very good and we are enjoying it.

This evening Huffle and I watched Paul Hollywood's Big Continental Road Trip (BBC2). Very good. Lots of Italy (always good) and lots of lovely Italian Cars (my favourite has to be the Fiat cinque cento).



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