Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Toilet be gone

I was awake between 1am and 3am and MrBasement assured me that is just 'old age'. Oh thanks for that!

Boys went off to school. Huffle worked at kitchen table, table tennis table (to get some peace) and mower. MrBasement and Late4Dinner arrived with a trailer full of drywall at 8:30ish. I went to aerobics.

I spent the rest of the morning cleaning jars (for ping pong game at Springfest), cleaning out PeterCrouch and Facetiming Moo.

Huffle and I had lunch on the porch discussing tiles and grout. This afternoon I went to Costco where I sampled an ice lolly and some chocolate milk. Thin pickings today. On the way home I picked up five boxes of very heavy floor tiles and brought them home.

During the journey I had a car that drove far too close to me and when I touched my brake to let him know he swerved almost to the other side of the road. IDIOT! He gesticulated to me a lot so I slowed right down which seemed to make him even madder, can't understand why!!! He carried on driving like a prat for a while and then overtook me which got him a really long way NOT! Then he overtook six cars in front of me. What a crappy driver!

Shopping was put away, tiles moved and Huffle finally cleaned the inside of my car. He uses my car for all things dirty or heavy as we can't use his precious for things like that. Our last holiday, he said he would clean the car because of all the sand etc in it. That was July 2016. He's just done it and only because I have been nagging him.

MrBasement and Late4Dinner left around 3:30pm. Today they have put the dry wall on the ceiling and taken the toilet out. I'm sure they've done much more but that's all I can see. They are back tomorrow but not Friday. BOO a weekend without the main bathroom. My tiny bathroom is getting messy already with four people showering in it.

I made curries for dinner when the boys came home. After dinner, Small and Huffle went to Small's football practice. Huffle didn't think it was great, too much standing around (Small not him) but happy that Small got to have a bit of a run around at the end. At least we know the practice day isn't too important if we miss it.

Smallest and I stayed at home and played Downfall a few times and then Carcassonne online on the porch, trying to not get bitten by mosquitoes. He played on his tablet before bed and I had a shower.


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