Monday, 8 May 2017

The day our fish ate the other fish

Huffle and I went to bed early and turned the light out and TV off before 11pm in order to get as much sleep as possible. Did we? NO! Someone somewhere was having a fire and the smell kept us awake as we had our windows open (not a doggy smell this time), and of course we were wide awake. We had to put the TV on and watch an episode of The Middle (such a funny series about family life that we can relate to on so many levels). Eventually we slept well. Smallest went to bed early and woke at 6am as usual but instead of reading or getting up, he went back to sleep and was woken by his alarm at 7am. Wahoo. He looked so much better in the morning. His groin is much better and his eyes weren't tired looking and puffed up. I still dosed him up on all his allergy medicine and he had a much better day. He should have had a football session this evening but it was called off due to a waterlogged field. He also should have been going forest biking with the Cubs but Huffle thought he should rest his leg and promised him a short bike ride later.

The kids went off to school and the bus came from the opposite direction just to confuse us and also came five minutes earlier than our recorded message. Apparently they had quite a journey around the village as Maurice's bus broke down and so all the kids from her bus had to be picked up by Gladys. We had a message to say the bus was going to be late home by ten minutes but we got the message after the boys were home at their usual time! The school still hasn't been knocked down.

Forsythia and tulips blooming

My intention was to pick up a piece of laminate countertop today for the bathroom but when we measured and asked MrBasement if he could cut it to size, we realised our current cupboards were custom built and we were not going to be able to get an 'off the shelf piece'. Obviously the person who last renovated our house was a handyman, of sorts. Our previous kitchen and all cupboards in the bathrooms were made from the same material, pretty much old kitchen cabinets. So really however much we paint them and change the hardware, they would still look rubbish. So after some sulking on Huffle's part and a check on the bank balance, we made the decision to go and look for vanity units that would fit (or almost) in the space. I cancelled my exercise class as Huffle needed the trip to fit in his lunch hour and off we went to a place about half an hour away. There we found a small place that had everything you would want for a bathroom and chose a vanity unit in white (smaller than what we have now but much nicer) with a white sparkly quartz top and a sink for less than we have seen anywhere else. We decided to go for it but while we were there, had a quick look at the baths. Huffle got in and got the man to measure (no baths on the ceiling this time) the soaking depth and it was much deeper than any others we had seen. We decided to buy that too and saved about $300. We also found a shower screen and saved $100 on one we had previously chosen. They even have some really good shower units which we briefly looked at for when we do our ensuite next year maybe. We think the bath can fit in my car so I will pick that up nearer the time and the vanity unit will definitely fit but won't be available until the end of the month which should coincide perfectly for when MrBasement needs to fit it in! The manager said (of the kickboard under the vanity unit) some ladies ask for pretty legs. I said "I'd love pretty legs but not on my vanity unit!" We took samples of our floor tile and wall tile and while we were looking at the baths, we put them against the wall. Another customer picked them up and examined them. I told him they werent for sale but I don't think he realised they were ours. We left there feeling much happier.

This size but in white with a different top
This is the top we are having
Like this but bigger with another door and another set of drawers
This is our bath but the other way round

Back home Huffle had lunch whilst working and briefly Facetiming Grandma and Grandad and I had lunch watching a behind the scenes Kasabian concert.

This morning I cleaned the Laundry/bathroom, put some washing on and cleaned out the fish. They had a really good clean today and as it is so difficult to only do a half change of water I decided I would clean them every two weeks fully. Today I was very careful (I always am) to make sure their divider was down properly as they like to try and fight each other. As far as I know everything was as it should be but after talking to Grandma and Grandad and coming downstairs I noticed that Arnie was in PeterCrouch's side and he didn't look too good. There were bits of fin all over the place and Arnie was lopsided on the bottom. I panicked and thought he was dead and shouted up to Huffle. I managed to get Arnie out and put him in a separate bowl. He is not dead but he is not well either. His fins are all ripped and he has a wound or two on the top of him. I have no idea how he got in there but he is considerably smaller than PeterCrouch and not as crazy. I have to say Arnie has always been my favourite, I don't know why. Apparently their fins can grow back with love and care and clean water. He is now in a bowl with his gravel and grass. He doesn't move a lot but can swim. We need to keep a close eye on him but I know that he will never go back in with the other fish and the divider will have to come down. Poor Arnie. Huffle asked if I had taken the divider down for PeterCrouch yet but I said I wasn't doing just yet because I didn't want PeterCrouch to think he was getting a reward for fighting with Arnie. I know I am silly! Smallest said that pat Arnie should get the big tank as PeterCrouch had been bad but if Arnie survives we will get him his own nice tank.

Poor Arnie

I popped out to the shops to get provisions and some money to pay MrsPiano and got home just as the boys were getting off the bus. I told Smallest what had happened and both boys sat and watched Arnie in his temporary bowl.

MrsPiano did piano lessons and showed Smallest a video of Mary Hopkin singing Those were the Days. I don't think he was too impressed but it might help him to play it now!?!

After dinner we got our bikes out and biked around the Hamlet.


Weird clouds today



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