Thursday, 4 May 2017

Pucker Up!

I woke up to Huffle jiggling the bed which normally means I am snoring and it's his way of stopping me kindly, however he said I wasn't and he had no recollection of him doing it. Bloomin' idiot woke up up too early!

The boys went to school. Today was the rescheduled Track and Field but just before they left there was a telephone call from the school (one of those awful automated ones) to say that Track and Field would be this morning and not the afternoon due to the imminent rain. Well this scuppered our first plan where Small was going to escort ExerciseNic's MissK home at lunchtime as she wasn't participating. Instead he collected her from her house and took her to school. Good big tall responsible MrSmall. Well done Small it was a nice thing to do for a little girl who didn't want to walk alone and whose Mum was busy looking after a load of pre-schoolers. She did pay him which she didn't need to do but I know he was very appreciative.

In Track and Field, Smallest won a 1st in shotput (shotput?) and lots of 2nds in various running races (he can run without it hurting his groin). Smallest goes on to area finals (we think). Small won a 3rd in a 3-man 400m and a 4th in the 100m. Well done boys.

Mid morning I left Huffle working and cutting my last piece of wood for BlindNo3 which I haven't even touched yet and went off to meet Angel and her gorgeous little baby for a coffee. We met at a local cafe and stayed there for a couple of hours. I got to hold a squirming little monkey for ages but all she really wanted to do was to climb over the chairs and run away. She is lovely though. We chatted about the upcoming football, the upcoming football dinner we have to go to in a place we don't like with food we hate! We had a good catch up and left at lunchtime to do our own thing.

Huffle and I had lunch and watched a bit of Gotham. This afternoon I attempted BlindNo2. I sewed the end and measured and pinned the top. That is all I managed before the kids came home because I seem to be out a little in the measurements. Maybe I'll have a look tomorrow.

I made two lasagnes for dinner which were sloppy but nice. After dinner all the boys played FIFA and I watched TV and crocheted. I am trying to make a tea cosy without a pattern. I almost finished one but don't like it so pulled it all out. I am now a quarter way through another one which isn't going so well either. I'm not in a hurry and it keeps my hands busy when watching TV.

The camp for the boys at the weekend has been postponed due to the ridiculous amount of rain we have had and are due plus there is talk of snow this weekend. SNOW! NO!

A beautiful daffodil from one year ago.


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