Sunday, 14 May 2017


It always amazes me how we seem to do the exact same thing at the exact same time every year. This time last year we went to The Toronto Botanical Gardens for their annual spring plant sale. As it was Mothers Day, it was my decision where to go and I decided TGB again.

So, Mothers Day. Always a big moment in this house and I know the boys have been working very hard on 'something'. I was told to stay in bed. Smallest also slept in and was still asleep past 8am which is unheard of. He needed it though, he looked so very tired yesterday. When I came downstairs, croissants were in the oven and orange juice, hot water and coffee was on the table. During breakfast I was given my cards and had to open my presents at regular intervals, not too fast but not too slow either. I watched my Mothers Day video which was a spoof of all the boys doing a Robot Wars episode. It was hilarious but you have to know the programme to understand all the different parts of it. My family are crazy but I loved it.

After making a little lunch for later we headed off to the Botanical Gardens. The traffic was horrendous. The car park was crazy and full with cars turning in all directions so we ended up parking a little way away at the Church and walked in. We started with the Plant Sale but with it being the last day of the sale, there wasn't too much left. They did have Lemon Trees which I have been wanting for ages but for one stick of a plant it was $46. We couldn't justify that!

BR: smallest is TOO SHY

Gently plodding around the beautiful gardens amongst the magnolias and cherry blossom and hoards of people we decided to go for a walk through Edwards Gardens. This is a walk that goes all the way to Downtown Toronto (about 3.5 hours one way). We walked for about an hour stopping in a deserted forested area to eat our lunch listening to the babbling stream. Of course, as soon as we perched ourselves on a fallen log, five different families followed us. How does this happen everywhere we go? Eventually we carried on, walking over bridges, stopping to play pooh sticks, crossing over the stream every now and then and watching a little duck manoeuvre the tiny Rapids. We followed Ducky all the way to a part where the park crossed a road where a sign told us what we could and couldn't do and what permits were required. For example: no more than 24 people in one group could assemble in one area. No ball games, no kite flying and no uphill cycling either though how they police any of those I'm not sure. We decided to turn around and headed back the way we had come until I realised I had lost my cardigan and we had to go back till we found it hanging on a post.

A lot of people we encountered took up too much room, or walked into us or were generally annoying so we started asking for their permits (not out loud but just for our own amusement). Smallest said Happy Mothers Day to as many people as he could that weren't necessarily Mothers. When the people around started to annoy us too much we walked away and back into the Botanical Gardens which was probably a mistake as there were even more people there. We found an interesting upwards spiral that showed views over the Gardens but unfortunately it was being used by some silly kids who pushed and shoved us out of the way to get up there and back down. We stopped them by waking very slowly and taking up too much room and once we got to the bottom I asked a Dad if one of them was his son. He said yes and I told him he needed to teach him some manners, very sarcastically he said "thank you" YOUR WELCOME!!!!!

We had all had enough walking and couldn't stand any more people so we went to where our car was parked and tried to fly Smallest's kite. It wasn't a great kite and we couldn't really get it into the air so we abondoned it and went off for dinner.

I chose our favourite Italian restaurant which is only open from 5pm on a Sunday and you can't make reservations. When we arrived at 4:40pm people were already going in so we decided to try our luck. We were told if we didn't have a reservation, we would have to wait for an hour. Apparently they have never done reservations before but decided just last week that they would for Mothers Day. Annoying. Actually I was really disappointed because we have always been told before they won't take reservations and we were hungry and that's where we wanted to eat. We went to our next favourite Ilatian instead and because it's such a huge place, they managed to fit us in. We had a lovely meal of Arancini which we shared, some dippy bread and pasta (Smallest and I) or pizza (Small and Huffle). Lovely.

We came home and watched a bit of Harry Potter before Smallest went to bed. Small went to bed earlier than usual as he has to get up really early tomorrow. Huffle and I watched The Durrells and also went to bed early. Everyone is very tired.

Huffle skied me to take this photo. It started as a 'for lease call Bob.....' last week it changed to 'fart lease' and today it has changed again to include the words fart and boob. Can it get any better. There isn't even the excuse that it's on the way back from the pub!

Lovely Mothers Day. Thank you my lovely nutcase of family.

Viola. Aquilegia. Huechera. Dahlia. Ajuga. Rose I received yesterday at the party. Fudge, tea, cafetiere and Shortbread. Smallest's painting. Drawing pad
My cards





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