Monday, 22 May 2017

Victorian Football

Happy MAY 2 4. Happy Birthday Queen Victoria. Beginning of Summer. Time to start things...... like beans in the garden (already done), gardening (started ages ago), eating ice cream (standard all year thing for us).

This morning after breakfast, I drove Smallest to his friend's house where he stayed and played until around 2pm. He played outside mainly, football, baseball etc and also played The Game of Life. He had fun. While he was gone the rest of us cleared out the bathroom ready for MrBasment (shall I call him MrBathroom now?) to come tomorrow. Huffle took down everything he possibly could including hinges, cupboard doors, shelves and I boxed up all toiletries and took down all fittings. Small helped in his usual way and rewarded himself with some tablet time.

Lunch was made and eaten and Facetiming with Grandma and Grandad just as Smallest was brought home from his friends house. Mum dropped him off on th drive and didn't get out of the car. Seems a standard thing to do here but I still find it weird. Just a wave from the window as she drove off. However I did get an email saying what a pleasure Smallest was.

Huffle and I went into the garden to do some weeding. Yesterday a family walked past and said how nice our garden was and asked if they could come closer to look. They particularly liked our pink tulips that reminded them of peonies. Today while we were out there, Yoda came to sit with us while we worked. She had some spare peas for us to plant. She asked us whether we spent a lot on plants as we had so many. We assured her we didn't. She also asked if we wished we had left it as grass so we cold just mow it. NO NEVER!! I weeded and Huffle rebordered. It looks good from the front. Still plenty to do but we are not bothered. There are an awful lot of things poking through now and it is looking lovely. My favourite find today is a lovely white anemone.

We came in for an early dinner and then Huffle and Smallest went off for Smallest's football practice and Small and I played Downfall several times until it was time for us to go to his football game. Huffle's map took him to the wrong field and I had very little petrol, nowhere to get anymore and my map took us the wrong way. Weird map kind of day! Small was playing at a school field that was overrun by dandelions (not the actual football field but the surrounds).

Last week he played on the wrong team but today he found the right one. He is THE tallest on his team (Under 14's). He is playing in defence and managed a few of his trademark tackles. He got an assist when he hoofed (just like his momma) the ball half way down the field and one of his teammates scored (we think that counts Grandad). His team won. I spent the game walking round the whole lot of fields five times, stopping whenever Small was hugely involved in the game. He worked very hard and had fun. At the end a couple of Scouts from the rep teams asked him his age. Unfortunately they were looking for kids born 2004 and not 2003, but it's nice to know they noticed him and it's a boost to his confidence. He was full of good things to say on the journey home.

While Smallest was playing, Huffle heard a dad say about Smallest "I remember him playing for .......... he is a powerful defender and we will have one of the best D's (defence) in the league". Nice to know he has been spotted too. He had a two hour practice and his first game is tomorrow evening.

The kids showered and went to bed. I think they will both sleep well tonight.

DaftPunk seems to have settled in well and is using his cave and bobbing in and out of his grass. He also takes his food and spits it out. What a strange pair of fishes.


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