Friday, 5 May 2017

Bit of room for growth

Neither Huffle nor I slept well. It rained all through the night but was still quite warm. Huffle had to get up early and go into the office to sort through a box that was delivered there. I thought that sounded exciting but he assured me it wasn't. He managed to get it all done and was home in time for lunch, though we didn't see much of him for the rest of the day.

It was a PA day today and so the boys stayed at home. We thought about going to the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy as it came out today but Smallest was struggling with his hay fever and looked so tired that we chose instead to stay in. Both boys played on their tablets together before Smallest decided to make Gingerbread. He did most of it on his own but I had to help knead, roll and put in the oven. Afterwards he decorated them and I helped with that too. They were delicious.

After lunch all together, Small made Vienna Biscuits with his new piping set. It was supposed to make 20 biscuits but the dough was quite stiff and hard to get through the bag and we ended up with 12 possibly bigger than they should have been, he has made these before and they were very crumbly. Impossible to turn, Impossible to dip in chocolate but very very melt in the mouth. Afterwards the boys and I played UPSET. I lost terribly and Smallest somehow won.

The kids played on FIFA while I crocheted and washed and dried and emptied the never ending dishwasher and then made a soup for dinner.

After dinner we all played Carcassonne and I lost again. Huffle won easily. Blue Jays before bed for the boys. Small has a sore, smelly throat and Smallest has a sore throats and just looks shattered. Both of his legs hurt from running but his groin is feeling better.


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