Tuesday, 30 May 2017

First game of the season

Today our weather ranged from hot bright sunshine for the morning to torrential rain and lightning and thunder storms with hail in some parts during the middle of the day and afternoon and then the day ended with bright sunshine, a sprinkling of rain and a rainbow.

I had to drive Small to his softball practice as he only got up minutes before he had to leave, leaving me very little time to make his lunch before we went. Smallest went on the bus. Huffle worked on the kitchen table but ended up in the basement during the storm which rocked our kitchen table!!

MrBasement and L4D arrived just after 8am and got to work putting up the Concrete Board around the bath and shower. They were very noisy and messy today.

Ready for tiling?!
Hard to see but this is where the shelves will go

I went off to work first thing and Jan and I cleared a bed of Persicaria, Flox, muscari bulbs and Stachys. This bed is going to be used as an annual display once we have cleared it more. We moved lots of plants, potted loads more and I came home with tons of stuff which Huffle and I frantically planted before the heavy rain started. For coffee break we had lovely scrumptious butter tart squares. We were a full house as MrsM was back from her trip in the UK and telling us all her stories no thand Greenhouse had four people in it too. MrsM bought the boys presents back. Smallest got some glow in the dark frogs which he instantly put on the windowsill to charge. Small got a lovely ladybird for his garden.

Some lovelies from our garden

This afternoon I should have gone to Suffolks for a cup of tea but the storm and rain was so bad and my head hurt from the pressure so I stayed at home and made some flapjack for ExerciseNics kids as I promised I would them and give them the recipe for their birthdays. I had to convert my recipe into cup measurements because scales aren't really a 'thing' here. I made one batch and wrote down the recipe for them and made another to check if my measurements were okay. The men tried it and they liked it. The boys tried it and they loved it obviously. Huffle definitely likes it and I had to have a piece or two.

We had dinner early as we weren't really sure if football would be on or not because of the weather but it was and we watched the game. We lost 5-1. We have come to the conclusion that the top team has stayed the same as it always has and the club decided to make another Tier 1 team based on the three new players. However instead of mixing the teams up, they are left with one great and one half good. They held their own but there was little communication between the boys and Huffle felt their formation was lacking. Smallest played very well and worked extremely hard. We sat through sunshine, rain and then sunshine again.




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