Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Beeves, Meeses, Nerves and Vessels

I woke up too early and the boys were surprised they didn't need to wake me. For ages now I have been suffering with burst blood vessels in my fingers and toes. My Mum, Moo has it and I just thought it was one of those things that happened. Well today I had a really bad one on my thumb and it bruised and swelled and was really painful. Much later I looked it up and it seems I have Acenbach Syndrome and there is nothing you can do. It also said that it was prevalent in over 50's but I've had it all my adult life, if not before. I also trapped a nerve in my neck whilst at work this morning. The first thing I did was to help Jan carry a trolley up three steps and I had the light end too. It scuppered the rest of my mornings work though I did carry on planting and weeding. Everyone was very sympathetic and I sat with a heat pad on it when I got home.

The boys went off to school this morning, unbeknownst to them that it was their last day on the school bus driven by Maurice. Tomorrow they get Gladys back again and the long bus where Small will claim his Grade 8 back seat status. At least he gets it for a couple of months before he moves up to the High School and is then relegated to whatever seat is left as a newbie.

Huffle worked in and around the house and filled in holes and painted a small wall in the Sun Room. I went to work, trapped my nerve, planted carrots, beetroots, Brussels, cabbage, radicchio and lettuce. For coffee break we had a delightful coffee flavoured brownie with white chocolate. I never make coffee flavoured things because only I like them but these were deeeelicccious. I came home with a Pagoda Dog Wood Tree, cabbages and radicchio and some wild garlic. Lovely. Of course, today was a Tuesday and on Tuesdays it rains. It rained hard all day again and it was cold. It felt like Winter today.

Huffle and I planted the stuff out and then had lunch and watched a bit of Gotham. He went back to work and I went and shopped for things I couldn't get at Costco yeasterday. I also bought some things for the camping trip this weekend with the Cubs. I bought Smallest a sleeping mat, some cutlery and a cup, mug and plate set. Now he has the same as Small.

Our garden at the front starting to spring into life

The boys came home early again, without notice. Smallest dropped his full water bottle all over the kitchen floor and the silly pair mopped up the mess. They emptied the dishwasher for me before going on their tablets. Once Huffle finished work, we all went out for some bathroom shopping. Smallest said "how are you going to buy a bathroom? Err hello I'd like to buy a bathroom please". He wanted to know how we would get a whole bathroom in our car! The traffic was horrendous so we ditched PlanA and went for dinner instead. By the time we got out the traffic had dispersed and we carried on with our plan.

It wasn't easy as we weren't in a place that had lovely bathrooms all fitted out, instead there was a bath attached to the ceiling and a different department for tiles, taps etc. Anyway we managed to buy some taps and fittings like toilet roll holder, towel holder and hooks all in a similar style. We picked out a big wall tile (kind of Matt white with grey flourishes) and then a floor tile which looked planky woodlike in a whitewashed distressed grey. We pickup several samples of worktop from where the sink sits but are still not sure about that. We looked at baths and found that 17" depth was a good soaky bath but didn't find any that would fit in an alcove. We may go bath shopping at the weekend when the boys are away. We are thinking about led spots for the lights too. And that's it for now.

We got home. Smallest put his Beano bunting up in his room and went to sleep. His groin appears to be better and he wants to do Track and Field tomorrow but Huffle doesn't think he should. He has a seal cough again and we can tell he is not 100% well. He is very sensitive, cuddly and grumpy - normal sign of illness on the way. This is possibly the worst time for him to go camping this weekend, especially if it stays cold and wet. How can we stop him going now though? He is soooo excited.

Huffle and I entertained ourselves this evening with GBBOCreme de la Creme. Not as entertaining as last week but still very good.


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