Friday, 12 May 2017

I played cricket with the King of the Dwarves brother

Unfortunately Arnie is no more. Poor thing was swimming around today and I was starting to think he was going to make it but after we got back this evening he was motionless on the floor in his cave where he doesn't really go. I moved his cave to check on him and I thought he swam but it was just the movement of the water. We moved him to a clean bowl with warm water but he never moved or breathed at all. We left him there overnight just in case...... Smallest was upset and we talked about burying him tomorrow and making a nice name stone for him. Poor Arnie he didn't have a very long life and the last part of it wasn't much fun for him.

Smallest is still coughing but I am still convinced it is part of his allergies. His eyes have been bad today. Mine have been running and sore so I know if mine are bad, his are much much worse.

Amazing sky first thing this morning

After the boys went to school, I went off to knitting. Only six of us including ShopKeeperEl. I actually concentrated today and got on with my baby bootie. However El is selling off the last of her shop stock so I picked up a couple of bargains before I headed out to meet Suffolk for lunch.

Lovely tulip
Beautiful little primula

We had plenty to talk about as we haven't seen each other for about two weeks. Our waiter was especially smarmy today, from South Africa and kept hovering around our table. We tried to make sure we were always talking because then he would leave us alone. We had a nice lunch and left to get home for the kids.

The school is still standing but maybe will be knocked down this weekend. Last time it was to be demolished, they couldn't do it because of all the rain we had. Small has to be at school at 7:10am on Monday due to going to Canada's Wonderland zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Smallest had two phone calls from two different girls when he got home. He said it was about a French Play they were doing. Both boys emptied the dishwasher for me and then went on their tablets while I made dinner.

Small nearly reaches the basket

Huffle and I took Smallest to his first outside football practice. He worked extremely hard and found it tough but his groin problem is definitely fixed thank goodness. It was cold sitting around, we definitely need blankets or coats for next time. Come on the warmer weather. We left Small home alone playing on his tablet and doing secret work!? Tonight we found out that the Party we are going to for the football club is going to go on a lot longer than we originally anticipated. Not just food but also we ave to watch the TFC (Toronto FC) game. Booooooo. Also our celebrity servers will be our boys. Ummmmm not sure about that, we could be there all afternoon!

DonNoQuotey's house is now officially up for sale 'by owner' and apparently is sitting on four lots or plots. When I saw the sign, I shouted across HOW EXCITING and he said "yes you're getting new neighbours". Ummm that's a thought. I can't say they have been the best neighbours but they aren't noisy, only very occasionally have annoying fires and there have been a couple of times that he has helped us in times of need. We might possibly miss them. And who will serenade us on warm summer evenings?



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