Sunday, 28 May 2017

Weedy Sunday

It was Smallest's turn to choose what we had for breakfast and he decided on Waffles. He collected the ingredients, I mixed it all, Small set the table and reached for things too high for us all and Huffle chopped fruit.

After breakfast Smallest got ready for his first Academy session for football. Don't know why it is called that because Huffle said it wasn't much different from the normal practices but there you go. They were done by 1:30pm and came home with a new ball and a practice tee-shirt that looks like the transfer on it will crack and crumble in the wash. Oh goody!

I went into the garden and planted all our new plants and weeded everywhere of those goddam dandelions. How is it they can thrive in anything and grow so big with huge long roots that reach to the centre of the earth? It seemed like I pulled out millions of them. No doubt when I go out there again there will be another million growing. I worked tirelessly from 11:30am until 2pm and my back was killing me. I tried to get Small to help me and he did begrudgingly pick up some weeds and plant pots and mow some grass with a pushy ancient mower but mainly he sat inside playing on his IPad. I asked him to sort my music out a couple of times but it didn't quite work well enough. We need to find him things to do that don't involve gadgets else it's going to a be a really long Summer.

I had to have a second shower after gardening as today was so warm. I also got many mosquito bites!!! Smallest had his shower and then we went out for a well deserved dinner.

Back home we all played basketball and did a bit of tidying up of garden stuff. Smallest did a bit of veggie garden weeding and then we went inside to get away from more mosquitoes. Small sat at the computer looking for Summer Camps he could do and Smallest and I tried to build a domino rally - we did not succeed as we kept knocking it down. So frustrating. Everyone played Ludo before Smallest went to bed.

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