Saturday, 20 May 2017

Head in a window and fell down a hole

After breakfast, Huffle and I went out leaving the boys at home. We had a few errands to do and didn't want to drag along two bored complaining boys. We picked up new eye drops for Smallest, got some nuts and seeds and then Huffle made me go in the Thrifty Shop. Today I met an Irish lady who wouldn't stop talking to me, though it did get her to jump the queue, sneaky thing! The only thing we bought were some books for the kids.

We asked the boys to be dressed when we got home and they were. We went out for dinner and then had a lovely walk in the forest where we went in search of trilliums. The same time every year, the forest is full of lovely trilliums and it is a lovely sight to see. Today we went to the forest we call 'rainbow rainbow' (because when we went a few years back we saw a man fishing and we asked him what he was catching. He said rainbow rainbow which we think was Rainbow Trout). We didn't see any fishermen but the forest was quite busy. We had a nice walk, saw lots of trilliums and walked back.

BR: wild asparagus!!

At home we had ice cream on the porch and then planted some new summer flowering bulbs. DonNoQuotey came over to chat and I asked him the price of his house (which is for sale). He didn't want to tell me so I pushed him (not literally) until he told me $900,000. Wow! He said in a couple of weeks it would go up as he was doing a lot of work. I asked if I could have a look round (so brave all of a sudden) and he invited Huffle and I across. The boys played baseball while we viewed. Now this house is a Century home which is rare here as there is very little history. It was built in 1890 and it looks like nothing has been done since then either. It has huge high ceilings and original wooden floors and grates, knobs etc but it was really dingy and dark and there was crap everywhere. The wife is supposed to be an interior designer but it was just full to the brim with stuff. It is going to take them forever to get all their bits out. He is slowly doing work on it and it could potentially be a fabulous house but it did not look ready for sale at all. I don't believe in staging a house and pretending it is something it's not but you have to tidy and clean before people view a place you want to sell surely? There were cobwebs and dust and piles of stuff everywhere. He is hoping to sell to a family who want to keep it true to its origin and not knock down walls and make it modern in any way. Good luck! He showed us a window he had restored and just as I was thinking of putting my head out, it slammed down shut. It could have had my head off! He said we could dig up a couple of his ferns and after I did, I fell down a hole, almost hit myself with my spade and broke the ferns. Bloody place is a death Trap! If we had a ton of money and lots of time, we could make the house beautiful but I think it would cost an awful lot just to make it habitable. Three bedrooms, one bathroom, no shower, a kitchen that belongs in....... well I don't know when, basic is the best description. It does have a pantry. He said he was putting a kitchen in.

We played baseball with the kids before coming in and watching Britains Got Talent. Today Britain did have a bit of talent. Two 14 year old girls with amazing voices.






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