Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Bath, Door and a bag of ping pong balls*

Once again Small came in early to tell me he was going to walk to school. I offered him a lift and he accepted but I turned over as I didn't want to get up right away! When I came downstairs he was making his own lunch because he thought I might have gone back to sleep. I wish! I drove him to the baseball diamond in the Hamlet at just before 8am for a softball practice. His teacher had sent home a note saying that 'my child had shown in an interest in softball.....we must take this very seriously......anyone missing any two practices will be cut from the team.....'. So who didn't show up until very late today? His teacher, tut tut. That doesn't set the right example does it?

Smallest went to school by himself again and because he didn't have Small to mess around with, he asked me what things were growing in the garden and was asking if he could have some of this in his garden and some of that. I like it when he takes a proper interest. I also noticed he stopped at Arnies place to check his plant was okay.

Huffle worked with his still stiff neck and I went off to work. MrsM is in England right now on a garden tour which takes in Chelsea Flower Show. Today she was in Chester. Jan and I cut back loads of grasses and weeded. For coffee break we had Carrot Strudel Cheesecake. Yum. I came home with a baby fir, some more bits for my path, a chive plant and a clematis I dug from the gravel.

TL. Love these little tulips, they look like they float. TR. muscari. BL. MrsM's garden. BR. Epimedium

Tuesday is Egg Sandwich day as Huffle always puts a couple of eggs in to boil while I am working. We ate our sandwiches watching a bit of Gotham and then I made the journey to fetch our new bath. It was about 30 minutes away and the traffic was awful. I saw about four accidents and six breakdowns, plus a couple of police pullovers. Something was in the air today. I had to lean heavily on my horn when someone tried to fit in the space between me and the car in front and there was clearly not enough room. I ended up getting off the highway because it was so snarled up. I picked up the bath and the shower screen (the nice man did all the lifting for me). On the way home I popped to a neighbour and picked up our ping pong balls for the Springfest game we are doing soon. *who knew my car could fit so much in it!

Back home Huffle helped me to get everything out and then quickly went back to work. I was so tired I had to eat a bit of Lindt bunny, a cup of tea and sit on the porch and wait for the kids to come home. I honestly could have fallen asleep.

I took the boys off for their haircuts as soon as they got home. Pair of smarty pants now. We had dinner, Small watched the Blue Jays game, Huffle and I had a wander round the garden and then him and Smallest played on the XBox. I sat on the porch, watched the birds coming and going and blogged. We have a couple of woodpeckers that feed on the front garden tree and Smallest's bird feeder. Only the woodpeckers and the nuthatch can get upside down enough to get at it. We watched a chipmunk earlier attempt but it got stuck on the top. A crow occasionally jabs at the suet to pull bits off and the sparrows sit underneath waiting for bits dropped. The garden is coming along nicely. The daffodils have never been out for so long. Normally it's too warm for them. Tomorrow is supposed to be very humid and around 30* and then back down to cooler again. Well that's not good for our veggies is it!



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