Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Pooh Sticks

Apparently, the moment my head hit the pillow I fell asleep and was heard to be muttering 'perfect, perfect people, perfect things'. Huffle said he was chuckling. He said I seemed very pleased with my mumbling. Ummmmm! He, however didn't sleep so well.

When I woke up my trapped nerve was healed but I did get another swelling on my weird achenbach thumb. It soon went down. Early evening when I was making dinner emptying the dishwasher and trying to clean the kitchen, I walked straight into the open door of the dishwasher and fell with a thud on the floor (possibly proclaiming words the kids shouldn't repeat). Smallest came to my rescue and brought me a wet flannel to apply to my bleeding, bruised shin. I hit it so hard I thought I had smashed the bone but after a couple of hours and a shower, it felt much better. Probably going to be a bit bruised though. What is it with me and injuries lately?

The boys went to school and the new bus did come despite the telephone call saying it definitely would not happen today. At least it comes later (by about five minutes) and the driver waits to see if anyone is running towards the bus unlike the other one who goes past if no one is standing waiting. They came home about five minutes earlier today. The school gets knocked down this weekend. Smallest is still having problems with his groin but managed a run today and said it didn't hurt at all. He just does not want to rest! Yesterday Small qualified for the High Jump (he probably just stepped over it the big giant).

This morning I went to aerobics and did even more arm work and weights plus some legs, abs etc. My shoulders are killing me as I haven't recovered from Monday's class yet. Oh well, a bit of a break now till next Monday! I went for a walk with ExerciseNic and her dog afterwards. It was dry today but a cool 4* with a feels like of 1*.

Huffle was waiting fro me when I got back and we planted Dahlias, Cannas and Crocosmia which we had dug up and stored from last year and Iris and Foxtail Lillies which we brought as bulbs/tubers. Then we went into the veg garden and planted carrot, parsnip, swede and radish seeds and weeded a coupe of beds ready for warmer weather.

This afternoon I got Blind No2 out and unpicked two seams whilst Facetiming Moo. We had a good chat and laugh and I got my unpicking done. I sewed one side and ironed it all. This one I have made slightly wider as No1 let's the sun in just a little bit. I stopped not long after the kids came home.

After dinner, Huffle and Small went to basketballl and Smallest and I finished watching a film we started last week and did lots of silly snapchats. Small worked very hard tonight.

Smallest's eyes were really bad this evening and we had to give him extra drops plus a warm flannel for soothing them. He also went to bed with a warm elephant wheaty for his groin.

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