Thursday, 18 May 2017

He wanted to be a cannibal?*

Smallest woke himself up in the night coughing. He also woke Huffle. Small and I slept on. Smallest had to be woken at 7:30am. We are considering taking him to the doctors as this cough seems to be going on a bit too long. Tonight we are going to put wet washing in his room to encourage some moisture in case his room is too dry. I wonder if we ought to get him a humidifier. Small walked to school again in order to get to his 8am softball practice. Smallest once again waited for the bus by himself, deadheading the daffs and chatting to me.

It was another hot day. 32* at times of scorching hot humid sunshine which turned into a storm later. We lost power for a couple of seconds only. We had huge warnings but it wasn't anything much in the end though the rain was really really heavy. Huffle and the boys disappeared into the basement for about ten minutes at its worst. This morning I went shopping in the and bought food and plants.

Huffle and I put the shopping away and then had lunch. This afternoon I went to Suffolks and did an hour and half gardening. This morning I bought a selection of plants for her garden with the understanding what she didn't need, we would have. We got some nice ones and so did she. I dug over the front garden and a part of the side and then I planted 10+ new little plants. We managed a cup of a tea and a banana and sampled some paints on her walls before I came home.

Due to the high pressure today I have been suffering with a headache all day. Dinner was made with help from all and then we all played Catan online. Small won.



*smallest misheard someone say "he wanted to be accountable". Slight difference.


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