Friday, 19 May 2017

I met a chinaman fishing

Smallest slept really well so hopefully the wet towel in his room helped. Unfortunately Huffle didn't sleep well because it was so hot in the night. We have booked Smallest a doctor's appointment but can't get him in until 12 June so if he still has a cough by then, he definitely needs to visit. I looked at humidifiers but we have to have a low humidity to kill dust mites and mould and high humidity for Pollen allergies. Ummm that's not helpful. I think we need more research.

Both boys waited for the bus this morning and played baseball with a fallen branch and an invisible ball. Smallest insisted he got many homeruns. I was their umpire. There was an award assembley today but no one told me. Smallest got five ribbons for shotput (1st), 100m, 200m, 400m and Javelin (2nds). Small got a third for 400m but he gave his ribbon away.

Photos courtesy of ClownRose
I asked him to look proud!

Huffle worked and in his breaks continued the path at the front. It is looking very nice as it meanders past the grasses and Liriodendron (Tulip Tree). I went off early to Suffolks house where I stayed all day. Today she went off to work leaving a couple of young men in her house painting. As she didn't know them she didn't want to leave them on their own so I offered to sit in her house. I was there to keep an eye on them but also in case they needed anything or had to leave the house open and unattended. I took my sock with me which I had to undo and then redid the heel. When I first got there, their music was blaring. I didn't mind it because I have music on wherever I am and normally very loud. This music had lots of swearing in, again nothing that bothered me. I happily sat and knit and drank my coffee while they painted.

After about an hour they asked me if the music was okay and then turned it down and later made a brand new playlist that had less swearing in. It was very sweet of them but made me feel very old. They were university students so probably I was their mothers age. Later they said they did it as a matter of courtesy which was very nice and I appreciated it even if I preferred their first choice of music. Once I had finished my heel, I did an hour gardening. I wasn't going to but as it was much cooler I took full advantage. Plus the digging over I had done yesterday had been flattened by the heavy rain. It didn't take much to get it looking nice again and I had time to dig over most of the other parts too. When Suffolk came home we had a lovely salad lunch and a cup of tea.

I got home after the boys. Huffle had made pizza dough and we all made pizza for dinner. This evening we all went to Smallest's football practice. He has been chosen to play for the Gold team. This is one of the two Tier 1 teams (we think not the 'best' team but there is scope for him to move from one to another through the season). He was very happy and he is with MrD who moved from the last club at the same time. Our first game is against the club that OldCoach's son plays for now. Ummmm that should be interesting.

During the practice, I went for a walk around the pond and saw a Beaver swimming alongside a duck. I also met a Chinaman who was fishing. I asked if he caught anything but he didn't understand me. He said no after the third time of asking but I'm not convinced he knew what I was saying. Today Smallest got his Player Card (with a R missing from his name) that he has to present at each game or he can't play, a shirt, two pairs of shorts and two pairs of socks. He will get a bag, ball, practice top and track suit soon. He has another practice on Sunday and one on Monday (unless they do really well on Sunday) and his first game is on Tuesday.

Huffle and I watched Gardeners World and voted on the best garden plant. We chose geraniums as we had a lovely geranium garden in The Village and we have quite a few here too.



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Peter HAll said...

It should say Echinacea. Bloody predicted text.

Peter HAll said...

I voted. Hope to visit Ramster next weekend.