Friday, 26 May 2017

Trapping mice

I had a good night's sleep but apparently I snored which kept Huffle awake. Oh dear sorry Huffle. Small walked to school and did his softball practice but the field was very soggy after yesterday's heavy rain. Smallest got the bus by himself and recorded his French Play which didn't go very well because one of the boys got all the French words wrong.

I had a very leisurely quiet breakfast (no noisy men today in the bathroom) and then went off to knitting. Only me, ShopKeeperEl and Bern. A quiet knit but nice too and we did get a quick visit from Al and her granddaughter. I bought some more discount wool, finished my rib on my sock and drove off to Suffolks house for a salad lunch which she bought for us on the way home. Before we had time to eat it, we rushed off to Miss9's school to check out their projects which were on display in the hall, then we came back and had lunch and a cup or two of tea.

I came home, saw the boys were home and quickly popped to see MrsRoyal. It is the Hamlets Garden Club Plant Sale tomorrow and her car was full of plants. I bought nine (anemones, astrantias, agastache, a fern - apparently they were all split up alphabetically and MrsRoyal mainly had A's and B's) and brought them home.

This evening Huffle and Small went off to Toronto on the train for a baseball game on their own leaving Smallest and I at home. We played Mousetrap after agreeing we didn't fancy going anywhere and then we made our dinner. Tonight we had fishfinger sandwiches and watched The Minnion Movie - what a treat. Afterwards we played with the kinnex in his room and then snuggled in bed and talked of past holidays. He really is a funny bear, the things he remembers. Sometimes I wonder if he remembers photos more than real things. He said he had fun tonight.

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