Sunday, 7 May 2017

Triangle faced monkey

Huffle and the boys started on a pancake breakfast without me while I was having a shower. Unfortunately my recipe card said 'half if only for us four' but what they didn't know was that I don't halve the recipe, I 2/3 the recipe as it is impossible to halve 3 eggs but I didn't have that written down. Small laid the table, Huffle prepared fruit and Smallest measured ingredients. Who knows how much of what was used in the end before I intervened but they tasted good and we still had some left over for the boys for tomorrow's breakfast.

We left the kids for a couple of hours this morning/early afternoon to go bathroom shopping again. They played on their tablets, watched the Blue Jays and took their clothes up from the laundry. We bought some spot lights and met a very nice little Chinese man who was extremely helpful. He was like our very own Dobby the HouseElf and we wished we could bring him home. We asked him to measure a bath that was once again attached on the ceiling (it's a space thing) but after climbing up some steps he said he couldn't see the hole (to be fair he was only four foot tall) Huffle asked if he could climb up and look and he said "yes but please don't stay too long". In our next shop we purchased more lights for the side of the mirror and chose a countertop we liked but didn't buy it as we weren't sure of the sizing. In the next shop I was hungry and couldn't make any decisions and I was annoyed with people not understanding me so we quickly bought a box of floor and wall tiles to see if we really did want them, discounted a countertop from there and came home for lunch.

We like this countertop

The boys had made their own lunch and were watching the baseball. We had lunch and then we all went out to the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy II. Smallest held my hand and snuggled up to me through the whole film. He really is not right. It was a good film though I can't remember the first one so I need to see that one now. Unfortunately there was a man a couple of rows in front of us that kept looking at his phone and texting. It was really annoying and at the end I told one of the staff who said they normally send people in to check things like that and that I should have come out and told them.

On the way home we stopped for fish and chips and then came home. Smallest had a relaxing bath and went to bed. Huffle and I laid out the floor tiles and we really like them. Small, Huffle and I played a game of online Catan and then he had a shower and went to bed.

Huffle and I are very very very tired but we managed to watch The Durrells before bed. Lovely Sunday night viewing.

Our first tulips this year


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