Monday, 15 May 2017

Crumbling Rhubarb

Small went off to school at 6:45am, briefly coming in to kiss me goodbye. Today he went off to Canada's Wonderland. Our most local (about an hour away) theme park. The band play in a yearly 'band thing' and then the kids get the rest of the day on the park. Before he went he was given the usual talk; always stay with your friends, never be by yourself, be sensible, don't go off with strangers etc etc. Huffle told him not to stand up on any rides where you really shouldn't. I told him I would rather he just didn't go but that's just me being silly. It was a really windy day, not one I would like to be on any rides! Still, I knew he was there safely because one of the Mum's was there and she said he had spoken to her. He and a great time and persuaded his friend who is not keen on big rides, to go on all the rides with him.

Small's Tuba is right at the back just poking out behind the others.

I did get back to sleep but really didn't want to get up when Smallest woke me again at 7:30am. Recently we bought a huge pint of honey from MrsSwim who's husband has bees. With Smallest and I having hay fever, I knew that using honey from somewhere within the 7km radius would be of benefit to us. This morning he had a honey sandwich for his breakfast. That's my boy! He went off to school all by himself, no-one to mess with whilst waiting for the bus.

Huffle woke up with a stiff neck and struggled all day, he worked from the kitchen table and briefly went into the garden to put turf in the holes. I went into the veggie garden, did some weeding and planted courgettes and a couple of beans. I picked some rhubarb, our first homegrown since being here and planted a couple of my Mothers Days plants. I did some work on the weedy bed in front of the barn but not too much because I needed to save my energy for my exercise class later.

It was a beautiful day, despite the wind and I had my lunch outside on patio before I went to my exercise class. Neither of us were on top form today but we still worked hard. Some treadmill walking and lots of weights and abs work. I had intentions of getting back into the garden when I got home but I was so tired. Huffle was Facetiming Grandma and Grandad so I said my hellos, drank my tea and went for a shower.

Smallest helped me to make individual apple and rhubarb (homegrown) crumble before his piano lesson. He did really well at both.

Dinner today was omelettes but all at different times. Smallest had his as soon as his lesson was over and then he got ready for football. I had mine next and Huffle made his and Small's when we left for football. Today was a different Field and the boys were told at the end that they were all crap (nice!). The coach's were all shouting and getting frustrated. I sat and watched and knit until about half an hour from the end when Angel and Vic came and we chatted.

Small and Huffle went to Small's football on a completely different pitch somewhere. It's unfortunate that ten games are on the same night in different places on a Monday. It means neither boys can do Cubs or Scouts and I missed out on my gardening club meeting. Oh well.




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