Saturday, 27 May 2017

It's backsplash season*

Everyone had a late night. The big boys had a good time at the baseball. Lots of runs, seeing a Grand Slam (bases loaded and a home run), sitting in good seats, not up in the 500's where Huffle normally seats us. Smallest and I are not feeling at all bitter about this!

Jose Bautista. The big boys. Man who checked his stocks regularly instead of watching the game

This morning Huffle and I went off before breakfast to get to the Hamlet's Pant Sale. Bearing in mind I bought all the best ones yesterday, there were thin pickings left. We did however pick up a Helebore and MrsRoyal picked up a Variegated Solomon Seal for me. We came back for breakfast and the boys were already eating whilst watching Karate Kid II.

We left them at home again and went tiling shopping. Before we went we checked online to see which branch had the ones we wanted. Of course once we got there, the big pallet full wasn't there anymore so we had to go to another branch instead. Still we got them all eventually and came home to unload. *we were advised it was backsplash season, hence the tiles and grout being out of stock. Apparently once the sun shines into your kitchen you realise how bad the tiling is and replace it. This is the season to change your tiles in your kitchen. Not flooring, it's not flooring season!! The online system not only lied about our tiles being there. It also stated that there were -5 boxes of grout left in the colour we wanted. How can there be a minus amount??

After a quick cuppa, we all went out for dinner at the Food Truck Frenzy. This is something we have done before. It's a meeting of all different food trucks selling all sorts of things from burgers, pizza, curries to ice cream, donuts and so much more. We started with a share in two plates of Arancini (Italian Rice Balls). We had one rice ball each and sat and listened to music while we ate them hungrily. Next we all shared a Tornado. A potato cut into a long spiral and fried. Ummmmmm. Huffle then found a van selling naans and they had a lovely sounding vegetarian meal which is rare. The boys all shared a naan with Butter Chicken and rice and I had a Garlic Naan with chick peas, spinach and sweet potato with crispy onions. It was very spicy but delicious. After that I was pretty full but the boys had only shared theirs so it was off for dessert next. They chose churros and we shared some caramel and chocolate ones. Not as good as the real thing we once had in Spain but nice. I sampled a tiny bit of IPA but settled on a nice Blonde Beer instead. Huffle wanted a key lime pie which we had last year from the same place. Just a small one put together in a jar. We shared that too and the kids finished off with a BeaverTail. For non-Canadians, this is a like a flat donut with a topping. They chose a Cheesecake Skor (toffee). We sat and listened to the very loud live music for a while before giving in and driving to the lake front for a walk.

Churros, photo booth whilst watching axe throwing and Smallest too small to order a BeaverTail
Boys and beavertails

This proved more difficult to get to than normal due to the huge amount of rain we have had recently. The lake is so high that some of the roads are closed, particularly one called Water Street which is ironic. We managed to find a way in the end and parked the car and walked along the boardwalk. The pier was closed due to the unsafeness of it and it was completely strewn with branches, wood and stones. It was quite a mess. We did walk on it but not too far and Smallest didn't think we should. So sensible. We carried on past the silly lady feeding the seagulls and a lone fisherman who spent a long time, catching nothing until our path was blocked by water again. We wandered along the beach and collected a few stones, threw in logs and skimmed. The kids had a quick go on the swings and we came home tired.

Misty pirate ship, bouncing a ball and beach walking
Debris on the pier
Bouncing, kicking dandelion seedheads (makes you wee the bed) and seagulls
Javelin, caber tossing and skimming

Once home I picked up my plant from MrsRoyal, stopped for a quick chat and then had a name shouting contest with LittleFinn across the road. He calls me Nam, the boys he calls Addie (both of them) and Huffle he calls Tu. For ages while I chatted to MissM and ClownRose, he shouted Nam and I shouted LittleFin, Nam, LittleFin. Apparently he talks about us all the time.

Gorgeous smelling lilac in Royals garden

We watched Britains Got Talent before Smallest went to bed and Britains Busiest Airport with Small before he went to bed and the Huffle and I watched Miss Sloane. Good film.


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