Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Bathroom be gone

I had another terrible night's sleep. Everyone overslept. Smallest came to wake me up at 7:30am and both boys had only just woken up. Huffle had to get up at the same time as us (normally he is MrLazyBones and stays in bed until well past 8am. Today MrBasement arrived at 7:45am with a helper Late4Dinner (so called because he said "my name's £€¥% but you can call me what you like except late for dinner). We hadn't had time to move the cars around so Huffle had to play musical cars to get them all on the drive and enable me to get out easily.

The boys went off to school together. Huffle moved his work between the kitchen table and basement depending on how much noise the men were making. I went off to work and Jan and I pulled out all the green carex from around the pond without falling in, had an early coffee break with lovely blueberry scones and then weeded out all the yellow celandines we could find in the garden. MrsM is still in England and Pat and D had to leave early so all gardening was done by midday today. I came home with more 'path material', a couple of little wild violas and a bit of Persicaria Fire Tail.

Huffle and I planted the stuff when I came home and moved the 'path' before having lunch briefly on the porch. MrBasement and Late4Dinner were having their lunch. Today they ripped out all the drywall, the bath and the cupboards plus took off the cupboard door and wall and the main door. There was a huge mess in there, down the stairs, in the hall and the kitchen but they cleared most of it up. Huffle vacuumed everywhere and I mopped and swept. Tomorrow the drywall goes in on the ceiling and walls and it's just MrBasement here. Somehow the bathroom looks so much smaller without everything in which doesn't seem right!

This afternoon I prepared dinner and made some bathroom decisions for later. The men left at 3pm. The boys came home just before 4pm and we had dinner by 5pm due to Smallest's first football game.

Impossible to get a nice photo in his new kit
This evening we were playing OldCoach's sons team. We spoke to him and his wife and caught up with how things were. The wife said they weren't happy with the non-communication, lack of playing time and the team weren't passing to their son. OldCoach, however, said they loved it and the coach's were from the EPL, Europe and blah blah blah. He did his normal bigging himself up......BORING! The assistant Coach's son also plays for this team. Anyway we never got to play them which is a shame, because the referee never turned up. There was talk he was on his way anddecided to watch King Arthur in the cinema instead. Apparently the insurance for the game travels with him so if he isn't there, no one can play in case someone gets injured and sues! Bloody hell!!! How ridiculous. I wish they had just sent us home but instead they split the teams and just played a game between themselves. We still had to stay until 8pm.
They had a fun mini game and Smallest went in goal and nearly scored a goal (not at the same time)
Love this. It's a photo I took of the trilliums but 'prism'd'
Beautiful tulip
Fabulous anemone



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