Saturday, 13 May 2017

There's a dove nesting on my swedes!

Huffle and Smallest got up early in order to go and pick up free compost from the City (council). They filled up our two big recycling boxes, a huge plant pot and a two waste bags. Excellent. Later I spread them over the side garden. It should have been spread much thicker like a mulch but at least it's something and it's adding goodness to the soil that was once just grass. Nice!

Small and I stayed behind and watched the Leicester game. Still think Mahrez should have had that goal after all it wasn't on purpose! We watched a Portuguese Stream which made for interesting pronounciations and commentary.

Most of the morning was spent preparing for my Mothers Days performance (I think, seeing as I was the only one not invited). I spent time on the garden and also started a new sock. While I was looking at the veggie garden and checking what was growing, I noticed a lovely little Morning Dove sitting on my swede patch (no swedes or seedlings yet) bold as you like. She didn't even move away when I got closer. I checked she wasn't hurt and left her to it. One animal leaves us and another comes into our lives, I thought. Oh no not another poor creature that needs saving. Huffle told me later that it was wild and I was to 'leave it be'. I hope the boys didn't scare her away later.

I made a little box out of a toilet roll for Arnie and dug him a little space in Smallest's garden. We chose a stone and wrote his name on it. Then Smallest and I buried him and planted a Forget Me Not (Smallest's idea and a very good one too) on top to remember him. Goodbye Arnie. Huffle said we could have another but Smallest and I said we weren't ready to get one just yet.

This afternoon we attended the Football Club's Summer Kickoff Party held at a Chain restaurant that we wouldn't normally frequent. We should have got there at 2pm but I made us late thank goodness because nothing really happened until near 3pm. The idea was that the club took over the whole restaurant, had food, socialised, watched the Toronto FC game and had fun. In reality we sat at our table and didn't really move. Poor Smallest was dragged off for photos and to watch the Wrestling with the team but soon came back to us. It was very noisy and rowdy. Luckily the table next to us was Angel's family otherwise we wouldn't have really spoken to anyone. It's not that we didn't want to talk to anyone but we didn't know anyone and we don't find it easy to just walk up to people and introduce ourselves. A couple of people came to our table and told us who they were and that it was a great club and the parents were fabulous. The food was terrible but we expected that and I at least had a pint of beer. The game was on the TV but we didn't really watch it and Small was most disappointed when they turned the Baseball off the one Tv he was waching. We stayed for raffle draws and some speeches and finally left. Smallest and D said their goodbyes to their coaches. One of the coaches' dad is from Countesthorpe which is in the same County as we are from. Small world. He came to chat to us, as did the Admin Manager.

Poor Smallest looking very uncomfortable
Smallest holding baby angel

On the way home we stopped at a supermarket and picked up ice cream which we later ate on the porch though the weather turned cold and rainy despite it being quite warm earlier on. All the boys prepared for tomorrow and I was sent to my bedroom where I watched TV and knit.

Today the school was knocked down (well part of it anyway).

Photos borrowed from a Hamlet resident
I took this on our way past late afternoon

Is evening Huffle and I watched The Space between us. Very good film. Not one for Grandad because there is no violence. Definitely one for Grandma.


A bear was sighted in Toronto today rummaging through people's back garden bins and actually knocked on someone's door. Can you imagine opening the door to a bear? Unfortunately it had to be shot as the animal control couldn't do anything about it. Poor bear, he just wanted to say Hello. A bear in the city today and one in the Hamlet last week. Eeeekkkk.


A new road. Stoney Stanton of all places. Another Leicestershire village

P.s. Yesterday I went through a Drive Through for the very first time. Not MaccyD's or Tims but a bank. It was bizarre. I had to queue up with about six other cars which did make me wonder what happened if the one in front broke down but all in all it was a good experience. Lazy! I didn't have to get out of my car, I wound down the window and put my card in and got some money. It also crossed my mind that anyone walking past would know that money was coming out of the wall and that I was just an arm hanging out of a window and so I could be robbed quite easily but I wasn't and I did it. Wahoooooo Look at me!


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